Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan to clash!

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan to clash!
Yogen Shah

Yes, the two Khans will be clashing at the box-office. Well, not yet but two years down the line

A little birdie tells us that Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees will be releasing with Salman Khan’s untitled film on the occasion of Eid in 2015. One can’t forget how Sallu and SRK buried their hatchet by hugging each other at an Iftaar party this year. And when their hug story will get a lil older, the two Khans will be clashing at the box-office. We wonder if it will cause any rift between the two.

Salman is known for releasing his films on Eid and his fans love that. However, this year was an exception as the Dabangg dude didn’t have any releases, due to which SRK’s Chennai Express was released on Eid. Everyone knows that King Khan set unbreakable records with his Eid release. But SRK wasn’t up against Sallu. In fact, filmmakers usually avoid clashing with Dabangg Khan at the box-office ‘coz everyone knows how loyal Sallu’s fans are. So, with Shahrukh’s Raees (which also stars Farhan Akhtar) releasing with Salman’s untitled next with Kabir Khan on Eid 2015, who do you think will win the box-office war?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • iamthebest

    Salman is obviously bigger star than Shahrukh now. He has even beaten him as being the google’s most searched celebrity survey. Shahrukh lost his popularity becoz he has been surrounded with controversies to the point that i guess shahrukh is extremely fond of the word controversy. Then there is this hide and seek games that he keep playing with the people regarding his relationship with Peecee. When media started questioning him about this relationship of almost an year ago, he was completely avoiding media people(or maybe media people’s questions) back then and this eventually became a huge controversy and after few months when the story was not relevant, he came out slowly and said it was just media creating sensation out of nothing!!! Earlier this year, when he adopted that surrogate child, creating a huge uproar in the media, he was so upset with the media intruding his privacy and reporting different stories and all and few months later, he invited media people for his birthday bash to celebrate!!! It seems Shahrukh likes playing hide and seek games with both media as well as the public after all.

    • iamthebest

      Shahrukh’s paid fan i guess who voted down.

  • Mohammed Ullah

    Salman Cheed ke Faad dega SRK ko…time hain abhi back off bakra!!