Shahrukh Khan banned from Wankhede!

Shahrukh Khan banned from Wankhede!

The actor will not be allowed to enter the stadium for five years, but BCCI can intervene

Shahrukh Khan’s late night fight has proved costly for him. The superstar has been banned from entering the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai for five years for allegedly breaking the rules of the ground and abusing security personnel.

The incident occurred after SRK’s team Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Mumbai Indians in the league match of the Indian Premiere League 5 tournament. The Mumbai Cricket Association officials immediately called for a ban, but the decision was made official only today. The head of the MCA, Vilasrao Deshmukh, announced the decision this morning. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) reserves the right to repeal the ban, said IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla.

Meanwhile, Shahrukh has denied that he misbehaved on the grounds. In fact, he stated in a press conference yesterday that the security guards and other MCA officials were manhandling the children under his care and that’s why he turned verbally abusive. He also flatly refused to apologise to the MCA and said he couldn’t care less if they banned him from the stadium. “They should apologise to me. This is extremely high-handed behaviour. Personally, if this is the kind of behaviour meted out to people, I wouldn’t want to go there. Let them decide…extreme attitude of highhandedness,” he insisted.

The MCA registered a complaint with the local police station, and Shahrukh has been booked under Indian Penal Code sections 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation).

Meanwhile, support of SRK for his actions has been unwavering from friends and family, but fans have been objecting to his behaviour. Will this signal a negative wave against the superstar? We wait to find out…

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  • karima

    How can you say that his fans do not support him ,enter on shahrukhkhan forums,planet or on youtube,all his fans are with him.



      • soku018

        the security was doing his job but HE was manuhandling the kids..
        any father would do that if their child is being manu handled!!

  • joby

    Is wankhede stadium a holy place in India ……?!. Correct me If I am wrong……

    • priyanka

      my birth place mumbai.mumbaikar ke jaan hai wankhede jha sachin ne aapne carier start kiya srk na uska bihe aapne kadiya.mumbaikar should show srk what are we& what we can do marn mangata us ko uske pictures ko bhe banned kar do permently
      jai maharashtra from(mns)

  • Akash

    Lov u srk… U did the right thing

  • Dilipsingh

    We r proud of shahrukh coz we r all indian so why we should respect each other

  • S.N.Kaul

    This has become a habit of celebrities to create scene on public places. They are law themself, so if strict action is taken we should support the authorities. In western counties Hollywood celebrities are punished and sent to rehabilitation centres. Even in India Sanjay Dutta suffered for his behaviour and conduct.

  • HELLen

    Did I say that?
    Did I say that?
    Sometimes you know I overreact
    And what I say is not a matter of fact
    And I wish that I could take it all back
    But I said that
    © by Meat Loaf

  • Rafique

    What’s big? If somebody misbehave with children OR somebody misbehave with harsh & unprofessional security? What Mr. Shahrukh did is natural. Any of a father will do the same!

  • amit

    It is the state problem.people in maharastra think tmeselves differnt from others coz of mumbai.but guys mumbai is developed just becoz of people coming from differnt states. and second point is that they take each and every issue with shivaji maharaj.i would like to know what is the scene of shivaji maharaj over here!!!
    people should not think like that becoz INDIA IS ONE……….

  • Sonali chauhan

    Officials misbehaved with the kids which Sharukh did not like, he is right..he is an artist surely he is sensitive. Officials could have managed the kids in a sober way, instead they pushed them, which law says that they have right to do so? Infact they had an intention to insult Srk n d’fame him therefore they said Srk was drunk…by the audio clip we can hear lot of people together screaming, it is difficult to make out who is saying what to srk..even the still shows srk is only angry and nt to the particular guard..many of them made him angry before…Though Srk never took any action …we must understand what dignified person Mr Shahukh khan…i respect him that he respects children n their feeling.

  • Lyna

    >@ IIM Ka..: blog hi likh raha hun yaar.. for those jo har newspaper nahi pad sakte.. (not tht i read them all). foorgt to include Vijay Mallya and RCB.. interference again form the team owner. n u can lift whatever u like dude.. as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery!!

  • abbas kurbanov

    merhaba arkadaşlarim,allah kolaylik versin hepinize….