Shahrukh Khan beats Aamir Khan in IE 100 power list!

Shahrukh beats Aamir

Bollywood biggies are constantly fighting each other not just at the box office, but also to earn various other titles bestowed upon them by media houses

Aamir Khan did not manage to defeat his arch rival Shahrukh Khan in the power list drawn by a popular news daily. While Shahrukh bagged the 53rd spot, Aamir stood at 55. Salman Khan was several notches below the other two Khans of Bollywood at number 77.

Indian Express’ 100 power list included achievers from various fields – art, movies, cricket, business etc. Following Sallu miyaan on number 78 is the Singham director Rohit Shetty. While Yash Raj films head honcho Aditya Chopra stands at 74.

Anushka Sharma’s alleged beau cricketing hunk Virat Kohli beat Salman Khan, Rohit Shetty and Aditya Chopra and took the number 64 spot.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Hanan Ansari

    BaadShah BaasShah Hota Hai .
    Ghulam Ghulam Hota Hai.
    BodyGuard BodyGuard Hota Hai .

    • ACE KHAN

      Malik Malik(Aamir) Hta H Aur Dog Dog(SRGAY) Hta h.Srgay is king of gays & dogs.

      • ACE KHAN

        Dhoom3 Raped Srgay’s Whole Career.

        • Srkian

          Chennai express raped 3gays record in 3500 screen and with clash not like cheap gaymir who increased ticket price to 900 rs to enter 300 cr but he failed .Now we will see how hny will raped p,k as oso raped teez kutte zameen par.

        • Guest

          Chennai express raped 3gays record in 3300 screens with clash not like gaymir tingu who increased ticket price to 900 rs but he failed to open 300 cr .Now we will see how Hny will raped p,gay recors as oso raped kuttae zameen par.

          • Macho

            Just think about it again . He raised ticket prises to 900 rs still people went to watch it. And d3not only raped ce in India but overseas as well. So shut up.

  • guest

    It’s not surprising to me that SRK beats the other Khans, his impact is felt not only in India but outside it. I’ll say so as I’m a non Indian. He didn’t get my attention much as an actor though he does good work but as a writer he is absolutely brilliant!! . I love the style with which he writes so much , i can’t wait 4 his book to come out. He’s a sports man, Visionary business man & an excellent Orator. Indians should be proud that they have such a personality .

  • munas

    You are right am also not surprise that SRK beats the other khans, or even the other actors none of them can be like him because he’s so brilliant at every thing he does, like they said a king is always a king I am so so so proud to be his fan because there is no dispoment.

    • Asad Khan Nasar


  • Asad Khan Nasar

    Infront of Srk all others are Babies, Gaymir aur Salgay Wahi Chutiya hi Rahege Hamehsa.. Srk Rules

    • ACE KHAN

      “I think @iamsrk, @akshaykumar, @aamir_khan can do what Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt can do.” — @AnupamPkher ETC BOLLYWOOD.

  • Asad Khan Nasar

    ‘Shah Rukh Khan can do what Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt can’ – The Times of India

    “Indian cinema is made for Indian audiences and it’s not easy to do difficult or over-the-top scenes and yet to convince the 1 billion population. I think Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, can do what Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt can do, but I doubt whether they (Hollywood actors) can do something like ‘Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam’.”

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    First of all you guys please stop fighting over this stupid subject as far as being bigger
    Star we all know that Amair is the biggest star of this country and no one has so far given 500 cr business in single movie even shahrukh him realize that
    If you look at amair last three movies box office that compare to shahrukhan life
    Box office so you guys chill out every one is given different talent and respect by God
    Don’t compare one to an other

    • anonymous

      Aamir plays games to gain publicity like keeping his dog’s name shahrukh and promotes dhoom3 by saying I dont believe in promoting movies

  • abhilash darwatkar

    shahrukh khan is king……

  • abhilash darwatkar

    don to don hain…baaki sab gulaam hai…