Shahrukh Khan beats Salman Khan to become the best Bollywood baddie!

Shahrukh Khan beats Salman Khan to become the best Bollywood baddie!

The Jab Tak Hai Jaan actor has been voted as the best villain with a fine signature move in a poll conducted by BollywoodLife

Shahrukh Khan, we are sure, will giggle in his trademark style once he gets to know that he’s been voted as the best bad guy of B-town in a fun poll conducted by us. BollywoodLifers (our loyal readers) participated in this poll enthusiastically to voice their opinion and crowned the Baadshah of Bollywood as the baddie they would love to see on the big screen. Shahrukh netted a good 36.29 percent votes to win the title.

Hrithik Roshan gave a tough competition to the superstar by bagging 34.58 percent votes. BollywoodLifers thought that Hrithik’s personality and the way he charms the audiences every time he appears on screen can make him look like a sexy villain. But sadly, the Agneepath star could not beat SRK.

Surprisingly, Salman Khan got only 15.54 percent votes. The number came as a shocker because Sallu always tops our readers’ vote banks and woos them with his Dabangg personality. But this time perhaps his fans want to see the Tiger only in a positive role. The other contenders did not fare well in the poll. Only Akshay Kumar was the saving grace as the Khiladi star got 8 percent votes. Aamir Khan – who is known for his exceptional acting abilities and is also playing a negative character in his forthcoming action movie Dhoom 3 – failed to get respectable number of votes, while Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn and Anil Kapoor too did not do well as the best baddies.

Watch the detailed report card and tell us if Shahrukh Khan truly deserves the title of the best B-town villain.

Who could be Bollywood’s biggest best baddie?

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  • asim

    salman khan is the best boddie

    • mushtaq

      salman khan is the best doddie in bollywood

      • mobek

        sallu vae rocks waiting for ur movies wanna c u soon in the screen again with records in blockbustor.

        • marwan ahmed

          srk is the best actor of all time.past ,present and futere.

          • suhaan

            Sallu bhai is the best and he is only having that much of capacity to break all the records that SRK and hrithik or askhay whom ever make that he will only break that record

          • rishabh

            salman khan is bollywood king no1

  • sanam sher gill


    • siyak

      no onley srk king khan

  • Aayat

    Best acter =srk best vojpuri hero=salman hahahaha [from all nepali public] srk jab tak hai jan

  • kamal

    shahrukh khan is best

  • was

    srk king



  • ranjna

    srk is rock your best actor no body take your place

    • Zaheer khan

      Shrukh is the king of dabangs, bodygaurds, and tigers

      • Romeo

        King has to keep Dabangs to do small jobs for him, Bodygaurds are there so that if some one attacks a king the gaurd will protect his master… Kings have Tigers as their pet.

  • i love amir khan

    Salman khan is the best actor in the world

    • Nitin

      Salman is a Nonactor. he looks good and can dance well.

  • i love amir khan

    Salman khan is the best actor in the world

  • Sanjay

    Sharukh and salman are old aged now,I think hrithik is best.

  • prince khan

    srk is the best actor.and always he will be the best

  • md sakib

    east and west srk is the best

  • KK

    Keyword: Baddie, and that’s logical because he’s the only star to have done negative roles.

    Salman’s the best HERO of bollywood.

  • nadeem


    • reza

      SRk is the real king of Bollywood salman is under 000

  • Sanjay

    Sharukh is seems very old now,he must start accepting as Heros father in movies,otherwise he will be out of Bollywood very soon.

    • answer to sanjay

      sanjay ja jake moon dhoke aa samjha srk means super rocking khan

    • Rahul

      The SRK iz most popular nepal~ srk iz always look like 28 ~jab tak hai jan…

    • chamie

      Agreed 100% – srk looks fold up!

  • zohaib

    salman khan is the best boddie

  • salman

    salman khanis the no1 king of the bl

    • Romeo

      Sallu is not even Bi.. He is Gay

  • asim

    salman most the king of bollywood

    • Romeo

      You forgot that SRK is the King of bollywood. Why are you sallu fans keep competing with SRK? Sallu is tiger, is not he? usually tiger is a dog’s name but suits equally well on sallu

  • Mehboob

    Is there any thing common to be compared between SRK and Salman? SRK is the all time super star, from very first move till this time. SRK can only be compared with Dilip Kumar or Amitabh.

    • bishara khan

      yep ur absolutly ryth..

  • bishara khan

    shahrukh is the best………….., who is salman khan.

  • bishara khan

    all time best actor is u king khan…, respect sharukh khan or die with heart diseas,, very very bad boy ugly boy known as salman

  • answer to salman,asim and zohaib.. by bishara khan

    dnt u even shy plzzzzzzzzzzz. ar u not a humans???

  • raju

    supar ster salman khan

    • Aqua

      Why does your comment say April 18, 2013? Today is April 17…

  • rishabh

    salman is king

  • rishu

    salman is only 1 superstar

  • REZa

    I would say that SRK is the best of all and he is the king of Bollywood We have to vote for him.

  • shahid

    srk all time king and best actor in bollywood.