Shahrukh Khan brings about Sahara and BCCI truce

Shahrukh Khan brings about Sahara and BCCI truce

For once, the superstar has helped end a fight rather than start one of his own!

Shahrukh Khan has been on the starting end of so many fights – hurting Juhi Chawla by not giving due credit to her brother Bobby for his work on RA.One (or so she claimed), slapping Shirish Kunder, insulting Salman Khan at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party, throwing Aishwarya Rai out of his movie Chalte Chalte – we’ve lost count. And these are just the more recent ones. However, we are sure his latest move will delight not only his fans but those of Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir and several other cricketers. The two-week row between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Sahara group was resolved with lots of help from Shahrukh.

You may recall how Sahara had threatened to stop sponsoring the Indian national men’s cricket team if the BCCI did not accede to its demands. Tough negotiations have been going on for the past two weeks, with bigwigs from both sides not willing to budge. That’s when Shahrukh decided to step in and motivated the two sides to look at the larger picture – the future of Indian cricket – and work towards their common goal. He urged them to continue negotiations peacefully instead of walking away for petty reasons. BCCI president N Srinivasan and Union Minister Rajiv Shukla acknowledged the actor’s contribution to the process and have thanked him publicly.

Surprisingly, Shahrukh preferred to remain in the background on this one and refused to comment on the issue when he recently unveiled the new logo of his Indian Premier League team, Kolkata Knight Riders. Instead, the team’s co-owner Juhi Chawla and he smiled and assured everyone they are still friends. We wonder what has brought about this sudden humility in the actor. Maybe he finally looked around, realised he’s quickly losing his friends in the industry and decided to do something about it. Whatever the reason, we are happy to see this side of him.

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  • Sn

    First paragraph is to simply defame SRK. Such biased writing. Who pays Ms. Bolly to write such crap about SRK?

  • Chandra

    Interesting how you NEGLECTED to mention what he said about publishings like this being so tabloid in nature, that all of you who created this garbage start believing the bullsh*t you publish, while he and Juhi have no idea what you are talking about. Especially since Juhi said no such thing about SRK not giving her brother Bobby credit for Ra.One. And SHE has disputed that publicly.

    I love your list of issues you completely attribute to Shah Rukh. It’s quite obvious who you are really a fan of. Here’s a really novel idea…start posting ALL sides of the issues? Like how SRK had to let Aishwarya go from “Chalte Chalte,” because her boyfriend at the time, the drunk and physically abusive Salman Khan, kept disrupting the set fighting with her. Or how it was a drunk (what, again?) Salman Khan who began the fight at Katrina’s party? And any number of other things you’ve posted one side of, esp. regarding SRK, that can be completely disputed with FACTS.

    But you’re not interested in facts. Obviously.

    • Amor

      And for them to see that although they are trying to say Shahrukh starts the fight….check out the results….Aish, Katrina, Farah and her Husband have all made peace with Shahrukh and are on talking terms with him!!!
      Trust me nobody in Bollywood wants to be bad friends with Shahrukh Khan!!!
      The best India has ever produced!!!!

  • Ashutosh

    Srk iz the greatest actor alive he iz something not easily found so respect the king.

  • vidya

    Don’t give him false credit. He hasn’t done anything. He may just ha e remarked that they should solve their problems peacefully which every cricket fan said. Faltu news.

  • Asad

    No wonder y this idiot is losing all his freinds, 1 day he will regret coming in Bollywood and I’m sure no one likes him because he starts fight with no reasons,
    Chandra- it was srgay who strted the fight by judging his brothers career and makin fun of salman relationship wiv aishwarya, but then he got the result salman DAGGERED him!
    whereas chalet chalte issue thts all because of vivek oberoi who called the press, thts y salman wanted to meet her

    This is great salman khan is making friends in Hollywood and Bollywood whereas this superstar of gay ppl (shahrukh) is losing everyone

    • sheikh

      he will never regret man as he is among the biggest movie stars on the planet

    • Amor

      Why are you calling Shahrukh gay? As I know Shahrukh is married with 2 children…what is Salman 46, no wife, no children, no girlfriend….hmmm I think he is probably the one that should be wondered about his sexuality!!!
      Billions of women love Shahrukh and can do almost anything to meet him….so you need to shut your mouth if you don’t know what to say!!!!!

  • swagatika mishra

    Why U guys R trying to defame srk.ash is out of chalte chalte because of Salman.n so far spat with sirish kunder is concerned sirish deserve a slap from srk.and Salman trying to pull srks leg in kk birthday bash.why blame srk..he is the best ….

    • Joseph smith

      We don’t need to defame him tht saale kutta ***** of the ***** is already Defamed, Listen to this really carefully SRGAY can never ever compare himself to salman khan anyway this is like saying a dog (srgay) is more stronger than the lion (salman)

  • Ramya

    Ash,abhi were at MANNAT ,Shirish went to MANNAT for apologizing to SRK,juhi was hugging & standing on the IPL stage with SRK ,he has never hit a co- star,or a director but showers them with expensive cars
    He has now mediated for the sake of cricket fans.get your facts right before pointing fingers.when have done anything selfless?.stop SRK bashing.if you can’t say anything good ,don’t say at all

  • ashwina

    another day another stupid article by the “editors or whoever ” of this salman khan website

    why the need to list salman n all above? and as far as chalte chalte is concerned get ur facts right !!!!!


    SALMAN STARTED THE FIGHT at kats birthday party

    n yet salman is portrayed as the innocent lamb here???
    wer’s the justice??

    starting on srk every time
    there is some limits people !

  • ak patel

    its not ‘’
    sallu ka lallu .com

    you all r agree with me now.