Shahrukh Khan calls himself an idiot over ‘Devdas’!

Shahrukh Khan calls himself an idiot over ‘Devdas’!

We agree with him (though for a different reason). Hey, who are we to argue with the Badshah?

Trust Shahrukh Khan to dig up an old topic and make it interesting again. Ten years after critics first debated his performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2002 film Devdas, Shahrukh has decided to side with his detractors rather than his fans. The actor was the special guest at an event to launch Nasreen Munni Kabir’s book The Dialogue of Devdas containing all the lines of the 1955 film Devdas, starring Dilip Kumar and directed by Bimal Roy. Not only did SRK praise the thespian’s performance, he also claimed that nobody should try to imitate him. “You can’t imitate Mr Dilip Kumar. Whoever copies Dilip Kumar, they are idiots like me,” he said, referring to the fact that both of them had essayed the title role of the drunken lover in their films. “I have a very deep regard for the fact that my parents loved Devdas (the 1955 one). I was very young and stupid when I said yes and did it, but as I am getting mature, (and) hopefully more intelligent, and perhaps would not be able to do it this time,” he added.

While such statements are expected from the star, something else he said surprised us. Shahrukh specified that none of them – Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Aishwarya Rai (who plays Paro) or Madhuri Dixit (who plays Chandramukhi) – had watched Dilip Kumar’s Devdas before they worked on their film. “Had we seen the film before making it, we would never have had the guts to make it. Sanjay, Aishwarya and Madhuri – we all felt that first we should finish the film and then we should watch it,” he said. So, if he hadn’t seen the film, then how could he have imitated Dilip Kumar? If he hadn’t imitated him, then how is he an idiot? If he has imitated the veteran, then it naturally follows he must have seen the older film before he acted in his version, doesn’t it? Okay, so which is the bare truth and which is the embellished one? Or does SRK define doing the same role as “imitating” someone? But Dilip Kumar wasn’t the first to play Devdas. KL Saigal had enacted the doomed lover’s role way before Dilipsaab. Looks like for once, Shahrukh has got caught in his own web of witticisms.

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  • sam

    i think i m the only reader of this site…now a days srk’s every sense of humor is being taken as serious debate issues..LOL…come on what he should say at that event? he acted better than dilip kumar…no he can’t say thats it…it is better to praise that senior always…

    • saloni

      u r not the only person reading this i m the biggest fan of srk

      • Ramya

        SRK was being humble and nice he was paying homage to the thespian
        Give him a break,all you haters

  • anushka

    come on the ANTI SRK WEBSITE
    if so plz use a dictionary to translate sentences used by celebrities.srk sed you can’t imitate dilip kumar.did he say he imitated him?????

    as for copying dilip kumar he was referring to his agreement to portray a role previously enacted by dilip kumar this he does not mean IMITATING HIM !

    plz to whoever who wrote this read sentences as a whole instead of reading only one word the work imitating here n jumping to biased conclusions

  • arun

    The stupidity of this article and author matches the stupidy of this portal.
    SRK is an entertainer and self-deprication is key in his himor. He’s on stage to praise Dilip Kumar at the same time keep audience smiling.
    Dont make science or Psycho analysis of a simple comment

  • tiger salman

    i’m not much of SRK fan more of SALLU but can say that this is anti srk site and if u see both devdases you can know that even srk acted better than him with aishwarya. dilipji is legend in his own right but srk is best actor ever. but i like sallu more cuz he is TIGER! ANTI SRK SITE illiterate people right properly stupid women-men

  • Monkey

    Clearly, the owner of this site has some affiliation with Salman Khan. Seeing how they keep hating on Shahrukh. Get over yourself, you’re only making him more famous.

  • Naveed

    another anti srk article …. :(

  • Souvik

    Fake site. SRK alwayz best. Love u king.

  • adnan

    Devdas by SRK was a master piece. I think king khan’s performance is the best in his carear. Nobody can give such performance and not even dare for it. Devdas by SRK is the end of romance plus tragedy. SRK you are the romantic and tragedy and acting KING.

  • kiran

    srk is the best

  • choco

    this site is so anti-srk, every article one way or the other takes a dig out of srk…PATHETIC…The writers should get a life and stop being jelous over the fact that they will never get out of their mudhouse and be as successfull and powerful as srk…. jeeezzzz, please write some neutral articles…we hate these biased opions…

    and on article, its not called being witty its called being HUMBLE..something you should learn to be

  • Natasha

    srk will always be a imbecile for trying to imitate Dilip Kumar and Big B.

  • dinesh gupta

    dinesh gupta

  • kamran ansari

    srk is the cute guy

  • millan

    Sharukh is the supreme in devdas…The real acting by a actor…

  • Mik

    These guys have to get attention so they simply comment on the Bestest there is now…Actually a gud way to earn a living Mr .Writer…carry on and try to write more on Srk and try to bring him downnn…after all u should also lead a life,,,,pooorrrrrr

  • Benny shaikh

    Why are you not publishing my Comment. That was not the duplicate one. Cant you read proparly?>?>?

  • Faisal

    I’ve read most of the comments available here. Most of them are against Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is best and fantastic actor ever bollywood have.

    I’m want to say.. to all anti-Shah Rukh Khan…
    Shout or write or gossip do whatever you want to but the whole world knows — SHAH RUKH KHAN is a global Icon, best actor, king of bollywood, badshah of bollywood, he is SRK.
    so, if few of you write anything against him, it really doesn’t matter. Write and Shout…go on.

    “I don’t have to put some sex scene on my film to make it blockbuster, my name is enough for that” – Shah Rukh Khan

  • arunj

    SRK is an intense & sincere artist/Star not a great actor/icon like Dilipkumar or A.B..He would have done better if he really had tried to follow Dilip instead of blindly imitating.SRK got few mannerisms but not the soul of the character he dipicted.However, I feel The Director of the film is more responsible for the distorted version of the epic dished out to cater to the selected audience of today which appreciate more of exposed body than the soul!! SRK’s performance was in line with script and approval of the Director.(Same is true even with Dilip/Vimal Roy Deo.) AKJ

  • Tulsi subedi

    Devdas is a romantic movie n I wanna see once more if it is possible can u upload this movie in YouTube please

  • rohit

    anti-srk site..stop hating srk

  • Jene

    Well, I’m glad they remade it. I never would have known about this story, this book, this movie, if it weren’t for this modern remake and SRK specifically. Perhaps in retrospect the actors feel they shouldn’t have stepped on Dilip Kumar’s toes, but if it brings this amazing story to a new generation, then who can say it wasn’t the best thing to do at the time? Also, it exposed lots of people living outside of India, like me, to the wonders of Indian cinema. So, thank you, Shah Rukh Khan, for saying yes.

  • nuh

    I think devdas (2002) was better than devdas (1955) but still dilip kumar sahab was the better devdas. It was dilip ji, neither saigal ji nor srk who madew the role legendary. still love srk for he was outstanding as devdas. still love dilip ji more for he was outstanding and could bring life to otherwise boring films.