Shahrukh Khan continues his war with Ajay Devgn

Wed, December 12, 2012 6:20pm IST by
Shahrukh Khan continues his war with Ajay Devgn

The superstar severes his ties with Eros for helping Ajay Devgn fight against Yash Raj Films

Shahrukh Khan, it seems, is a man who doesn’t let go of things so easily. Perhaps that is why the actor is still continuing his war with Ajay Devgn over the Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardaar controversy. It’s been a month since the two films hit the theatres, by SRK has gone ahead and snapped ties with Eros since he believes that Eros was responsible for goading Ajay to go ahead and file a case against Yash Raj Films for monopolistic practices.

And that is not the only reason for SRK’s anger. The actor has had a beef with Eros since the time the studio released Ra.One. Apparently, since Ra.One didn’t do too well at the box office, Eros went ahead and signed Ajay for Son Of Sardaar since he is on a roll currently, delivering a string of superhits.

So Shahrukh has now decided to dump Eros and work with other studios like Reliance and UTV for his two upcoming films Chennai Express and Happy New Year – a move that could prove to be costly for Eros.

But wethinks, since Salman Khan and Devgn are good friends, Sallu can maybe step in and ink an association with Eros. What say? It would be interesting to see what would Ajay’s next move be in this battle? Any guesses, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Lina

    Did he tell you? Or is it to frame him again with negative publicity? I will ask u polietly to mention the exact saurce of this information. Would you people leave him alone? If he got a problem with EROS how coluld it be the issue is with Ajay? Or in your opinion SRK doesn’t have a right to work with an other studios? I recognize something though everytime other actors will have their film release Média make the promotion by bashing and defaming Shahrouk Khan. It is so sad. Just for God sake give him a break!! I am actually beging you.

    • Anand Kumar

      ur totally right ..! all time writing against king khan ..I dont know what the peroblem with them

  • sarifa

    For yrs the media bashed salman khan because of SRK now its his turn to get bashed by the media. SRK fans for yrs sided with him against SK and the media was well aware that SRK bought his popularity thru them etc. however I wish the media would stop linking Salman Khan name with every article they write it is so disgusting that they do this without any thought about how fans out there feel about the stars – so many times the lies that they write is often believed by readers but if one knows the truth one can ignore them. We all know that SRK fans are dissapointed in the drop in his poplarity but it is mostly his fault – he became too arrogant and rude, tried to destroy others but eventually it will happen to him point one finger four point back. His outward appearance has also deterioted and he looks too old for some of the parts – as an alchohic it tends to erode facial features and he has to stop and clean up his own life first and not try to interfere with others.

  • Lina

    Hey Sarifa, u r out of the topic here. If média abused of Salman Khan before u should have wrote it to them. Like the way i stated it. So u dont stand for the truth? It was not SRK who made it unfortunate for Salman. The question is are you “BEING HUMAN” ? Or u just find the t-shirt beautiful? Be polite. And dear BL pls be Fact Findurs

  • Khan

    He is khan and ek baat jaan lo don ke dushmanon ko yeh baat yaad karni chahiye ke don kuch nahin boolta. He will show everyone his kingship

    • singh

      Shahrukh ghar mein hi king hai all his movies r being flopped , only singh is king , ajay akshay are kings

  • avinash luha

    The Lion king of Bollywood AJAY DEVGN has already Win the war of Diwali . So ab Bakri Saharuk khan ko Singham AJAY Devgn cirke bakri ko khagaya. So saharuk gay shok ke mare” Eros “ko chhod diya .Ajay ke success se saharuk ro rahahai khun ke aasu. “Jisme hai dum to fakt “BAJIRAO SINGHAM”.

    • jessica

      Omg ur totally stupid SRK is way better den ajay. U dnt kno wats best. Wat a fool u r. SHAME IN U 4 CHOOSING STUPID AJAY. SUPPORT SRK HES BETTER DEN TAT DORK. GO KING KHAN. GO SRK UR DAM SEXY

  • jenny

    Lol chill srk ur to cute to get bad lol. We luv u srk

  • Lina

    One Man army. Shah Rukh Khan! The Man respected by outsiders. A man who God gave a big heart to love us all. A Man who carries all the hate and negative propagandads towards him with the a strength. He is simpley un out standing person!! Just take him or leave him. But it is difficult i know.
    My mother used to say “Even Flies preferes Honeny than a Dirt “. I pry for his safety. Always

  • zuber ansari

    lol srk… SOS k blckbstr hit hone se Srk ko v malum pr gya ab ki real king ajay h… Jthj ko 59 cror ka profit hua whil SOS KO 81 cror ka..

    • aksay barage

      only srk .jthj 191cr.and sos101cr.

    • hamza

      i agree with akshay
      and zuber u are just an duffer the whole world know who is the king of boolywood the official owner of bollywood

  • vishal

    i agreed with zuber ansari

  • hadia

    All actors fans against Srk because they know he is the only King & no chance for their favorite actor’s to become no.1!

  • asar

    ek baad to sab bhul gaya ki don hamesha apne dushmano ki kabar rakhta hai(salgay&ajay)
    next move of don(chennai exprees)
    ajay ka best director srk ko cast kar raha hai na ki ajay ko

  • chandrima

    jthj is superhit in india and it is declared blockbuster in overseas so plz nw shut ur mouth u uneducated ajay and salman fans

  • Himmatwala 150+cr

    Jthj vs SoS
    According to footfalls
    ticket sales(49lakhs)
    -point=the movie get only 2000 cheap screens in whole country.somehow its become a blockbuster

    Jthj-Budget(60cr)nett.(121cr)ticket sales(40lakhs)
    points-Yash chopras last venture.2600 A grade screens.Nudity,Vulgarity

    SoS is clear winner