Shahrukh Khan ditches the finale of Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan 4!

Shahrukh Khan ditches the finale of Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan 4!
Yogen Shah

The fourth season of Karan Johar’s chit chat show will be remembered for SRK’s no-appearance on the show. Yes, as per latest buzz, the Chennai Express actor won’t be gracing the current season of KWK. With that piece of information, Koffee with Karan 4 just got controversial…

Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar’s dostana is certainly not the same. Off late, a lot has been said about how SRK is no longer close to his filmmaker friend. Though Karan has time and again refuted such rumours, wethinks they are indeed true. Why do we say so, you ask? Well, for starters King Khan hasn’t been on Koffee with Karan 4 till now. Considering that he opened the first two seasons of KWK and also appeared on the finale, it’s strange that this time the superstar has stayed away from the Koffee couch. What is even more interesting is that this season it was Shahrukh’s arch rival Salman Khan who opened Johar’s chat show. If that wasn’t enough, even Aamir Khan made his debut on KWK this season. And now we have learnt that Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra will feature in the season finale of Koffee with Karan this year. Now can you smell trouble? We totally can. In fact, the Dharma Productions head honcho in an interview had said, “Why do people read into everything? …It’s just a show…who starts and ends it, how does it matter?” If it involves your once-upon-a-time close buddy, it does matter Karan, right Bollywoodlifers?

Also, the Happy New Year actor hasn’t been very friendly towards his once khaas dost. At an event, not too long ago, King Khan took a dig at Karan’s film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. When Punit Malhotra, director of GTPM, said he wished to have the superpower to be invisible, Gauri Khan’s hubby dearest quickly snapped back saying, “After Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, you should be invisible.” Ohhh, that’s a nasty one, no? We know KJo’s film failed at the box office miserably but he never joked about SRK’s film which faced the same fate. Must have been some bro code that the two no longer follow wethinks.

Well, In a nutshell, we are just trying to say that Shahrukh-Karan Johar’s friendship has indeed gone kaput. If it hasn’t, which wethinks is not the case; it will as reports are doing the rounds that Aamir may star in Karan’s ambitious project Shuddhi alongside Deepika Padukone.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • laila

    If that is true,Karanis dead for me….

    • Sid

      Lol same here

  • ShakuntelaOneandOnly

    Kareena is over becuase of Karan Aunty. Karan is a douchebag. He even betrayed Kareena who lost a major career project because of him. Srk is funny lol

  • krisi

    again rubbish…..if you are most of rumurs SRK and Karan are the best enemies……funny people :D

  • fffd


  • Anne

    waiting on confirmation of this just a day or two ago SRK referred to Karan as his friend on twitter. Can we trust media ??

  • amit

    Srk se dushmani bahot mahengi padegi Karan….you did a big mistake by calling salman on the first episode ….you should have started and ended the show with srk …..salman ke jaise to aate jaate rehte hain
    Srk is the king of Bollywood and you have to pamper the king if you want to stay in his kingdom …..

    • aisha

      Really funny.

    • Coolgirl

      Srk Jaise aty jaty hain not DABAANG KHAN

  • lucky

    If karan couldn’t manage to get srk in his show then its a flop show …better luck next time karan .

  • aisha

    A series of events come together conveniently & stories are created. I believe kjo & SRK are still friends. All this talk is aimed at defaming SRK, making him look like a jealous & selfish person.
    If there’s a rift btw them, it probably, has more to do with SRK drawing a line on how far kjo can poke his nose into his personal affairs,considering how he missbehaved when stories of Srk’s affair was making the rounds. I almost thought kjo was the wife.
    Sometimes, distance is needed btw pple inorder 4 them to grow & evolve, Srk has worked & is working with other pple y shouldn’t kjo?, think they”ve been friends too long to let Salman/ Aamir to come between their friendship, but the dynamics of the friendship will change 4 sure.

    • aisha

      Oops! I meant the nature of their relationship will change.

    • akash

      Oh my god such a big comment ?
      Why so worried ?

      • aisha

        No offence, May be it’s big 4 you.

  • jagrati tiwari

    kwk only chat show… matter who starts and end ..and doesn’t show realation bwn any body …..totally rubbish………..

  • Sathanomsa

    l love u shah rukh khan & l hate Karan Johar is not a true friend to Shah rukh

  • Sathanomsa

    Karan in the program for a fourth season is a failure and a dull and not successful in the presence of some star Shah Rukh Khan is the best of all those who attended the fourth season

  • Anonymous

    Maybe its because of his PC affair rumors that is not making appearance over KJO’s show…he never spoke about it from the beginning.

  • A

    who cares.

  • Cattypuss

    I bet London to a brick that Karan won’t be getting Hrithik Roshan back in a hurry on KWK-his last appearance on that show was VERY guarded!

  • raghu

    I think he has tea that might be the reason he is not appearing on the show