Shahrukh Khan doesn’t understand chemistry, really?

We know how ishhmart the baadshah of Bollywood can get with his words. Here’s what Shahrukh Khan has to say about the one particular word that actors regularly face in media queries-chemistry!

SRK on the chemistry between him and Kajol:

“I think chemistry is too deep a word…only media people use it. Kajol and I have had this long debate on ‘what is chemistry’..I ‘m sure you wouldn’t know what is the chemical name for CH3COOH, but you (the media) still love to say ‘chemistry.’

SRK on Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s chemistry:

“They (Kat and Sallu) have done many films together. So I don’t know about the chemistry but it looks like a wonderful pair. I wish them all the luck,”