Posted Tue, April 23, 2013 1:56pm IST

They kissed and then said no more, or they refused to kiss at all. What’s so special about that lip-contact, we had to wonder…

Kissing on the big screen was once a big deal in Bollywood. And it was the usually the male superstars who stayed away from locking lips with their ladyloves on the bada parda. So much so that even the average fan on the street knew which male actors were famous for not smooching…in movies, that is.

But now, with the changing times and attitudes, the game has changed. There are now very few actors who flatly refuse to kiss onscreen. And those who once said they wouldn’t, have eaten their words…in a manner of speaking….and gone down not fighting too much. That the kiss they served up was pretty thanda is not the point – after all, they did it!