Shahrukh Khan enjoys taking a dig at himself

King Khan has been accused time and again for ruthlessly having fun at other people’s expense. But at this year’s Filmfare Awards, the star left no stone unturned to prove that he’s sporting enough to laugh at himself as well

Hosted by Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, this year’s Filmfare Awards was no less than a laughter riot. Right from getting into a series of vulgar acts to trying to impress people with their witty puns, the two tried really hard to add the much needed zing to the show. Now we appreciate that the two, along with poking fun at everybody else, also made constant cracks at themselves. In fact, SRK went on and on with his RA.One jokes. Shahrukh jested about how he had such a tough time asking people to watch his movie and literally had to barge into the theatres and request people to watch continue the watching the film. Not just that but he also tried to sell the RA.One merchandise to his co-host Ranbir and to the people sitting in the audience. Although G.One’s G-string pun did make us crack up, the rest of the act looked a little hammed.

Alright SRK, we think you have proved your point already and your detractors are convinced by now, that you enjoy laughing at yourself as much as you like poking fun at others. We think you should just chill now!