Shahrukh Khan fans continue bashing Shirish Kunder

Tue, January 31, 2012 8:30pm IST by
Shahrukh Khan fans continue bashing Shirish Kunder

Instead of getting sympathy of any kind, the Joker director is getting thrashed online by King Khan’s many fans

Everyone is taking a dig at Shirish Kunder for mouthing off about being ‘assaulted’ by Shahrukh Khan. It has almost become his second claim to fame, the first being as Farah Khan’s husband. Kunder is known for his quirky sense of humour and he recently posted a message on Twitter saying, “Some of your jokes on the incident were very funny. Including the ones on me. Keep up the humour. I’ll be back soon.” Not that he has much of a choice here, no? We’ve handpicked some tweets that we thought were really funny and wicked, just to show how silly the whole thing seems to be…

Dear Shirish Kunder, Kha.One Regards, Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan finally has the biggest ‘hit’ of 2012 thanks to Shirish Kunder.

After two back to back duds, Shirish Kunder finally has a Hit. Congrats. You have arrived!

SRK thrashing Shirish Kunder is outrageous. Hope he’s booked for attempting to outrage the modesty of a woman.

SRK to Shirish Kunder- ek thapad kafi hai ya nahi? Shirish kunder- nahi, 30 (tees) maar khan

Q: Why did SRK slap Shirish? A: Shirish Kunder was saying “Thappad se darr nahin lagta saheb, Ra.ONE se lagta…

The real reason Shirish Kunder isn’t filling a FIR is because he knows that the police is useless when it comes to catching the DON

After a series of flops, Shirish Kunder finally gets a hit ;)

“I don’t get it. Jaan-E-Mann was years ago. Why now?” – Shirish Kunder

Shahrukh khan slapped Shirish Kunder on behalf of the Family planning commission

If you find any more such funny tweets, do share it with us.

P.S.: We are still trying to find out what really happened that night and King Khan is not being of any help. Do you think he really roughed up Kunder? And was Shirish truly so offensive that he deserved it? You tell us…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Nikeeta

    I’m sure Shirish deserved it! That’s what happens when you mess with one of the big guys. I hope Shirish learns to keep his mouth shut from now on.

    • Cool

      U bad girl.. Supporting the rich n poweful only

  • Asesinato

    It’s all over the news here that Farah and her wife went over to Mannat today and apologized to SRK. Farah Khan and her wife only did this for one reason, they have now seen what a huge backlash they are getting from the public and from people who attended the party and saw what happened and that has frightened them into turning tail and now being nice. They make all these aquisations to the press and Farah even sends nasty messages about SRK to everyone in the Indian press and they get worse and worse but when they see that no one who was at the party defends the wife’s drunken behavior and that people all over the world just makes jokes about Farah’s wife and say he deserves slapping they then know it will hurt their careers so they now act like docile dogs and slink over to SRK’s to apologize.Well its too late as most people can see this transparent deceit as now Farah says nothing happened after all her hue and cry all over the internet about how her talentless wife was injured when he was slapped. No one I know will ever forget or forgive her and her weakling wife.

  • Raj

    So many people are happy that @iamsrk slapped @ShirishKunder. It’s wrong. We should never condone violence against women.

    • wsis

      gud humor dear!

  • Raj

    Poor Shirish Kunder. All he said to SRK was “Hey, I too need a hit!”

  • Wiffee Khan

    haaahh in ur face farah and her wife
    see that’s what happens when you mess with the Don and King of Bollywood

    Shirish Kunder needed a hit…. And Shahrukh just said Main Hoon Na!!

    ‘Tees Maar Khan’ producer Shirish Kunder has received his 1st Maar(SLAP) from the Khan. 29 still remain

  • Roman Chhipa

    Good Looking