Shahrukh Khan gets protective of son AbRam

King Khan said in a recent interview that it’s unfair for people to say anything about his new born son

Shahrukh Khan is an extremely protective father and the evidence is in the recent interview he gave to a newspaper. He made it very clear that he doesn’t want the life of his kids to be under scrutiny. He doesn’t feel comfortable with it. He also expressed disappointment about the way the whole surrogacy issue was handled. The media giving their opinion about the whole case before he or his family could comment on the issue was something he found extremely unfair, but again SRK being SRK, he got back to his charmingly humble self and said that he doesn’t hold it against anyone.

We are sure after all that chaos and brouhaha, it’s time for the actor to celebrate as everything has finally fallen in place. His best production AbRam- as he declares – is back home and Chennai Express is all set to hit the cinema screens – that’s definitely  double treat for Mr Khan….

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