Shahrukh Khan gets romantic with Kajol, Rani and Preity!

Wed, January 11, 2012 1:40pm IST by
Posted Wed, January 11, 2012 1:40pm IST

The actor has romanced his leading ladies in some of the most beautiful locales in the world. As he gets ready to dance with Katrina Kaif on Kashmir’s snowy slopes, we track down a few places he wooed the gorgeous gals…

Shahrukh Khan is returning to his romantic avatar, and what better way to do it than with Katrina Kaif in a Yash Chopra film? The two actors are paired opposite each other for the first time in the as yet untitled film. We also hear that they will shoot a romantic song in Kashmir. Isn’t that sweet? But, hey, Shahrukh is no stranger to romancing his heroines in exotic locations. He has always managed to create magic as he gazes into a lovely lady’s eyes and sings beautiful words, and we know his song with Kat will be just as ethereal. Till we can get a dekho of this new one, we take a look at his previous endeavours…

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  • Kangana

    SRK-Kajol and SRK-Rani jodi has done wonders! SRK-Preity not much.. But Kajol is happily married and does not wish to do films. Rani is getting married soon and doesnt care for movies either. Zinta has no movies but no one will give her because people are sick of her. Now SRK should focus on romancing Kareena, Karisma, Katrina, Vidya and Aishwarya. Haven’t seen much of him with these ladies.

    • win

      you can never replace rani,preity,kajol with ash,kat and kareena…..ash,katrina and kareena have zero acting skills!!

      vidya on the other hand is a good actress and srk should work with her

  • Ami

    He’s better with Kajol ! It’s not comparable !

  • Ginny

    i think srk kajol was awesome
    but srk-preity in Veer-Zaara was better.
    rani is also a good pairing

    i am a huuuuge fan of preity and rani
    and i miss them

  • actress

    DDLJ,KHNH,kuch kuch and VZ are my all time fav films

    i love you srk
    and love you preity,kajol and rani

  • akaash

    What a stupid thing to say Kangana.
    Preity-SRK is a wonder hit pair! All their movies together have been super hits (blockbusters)
    and no one is sick of Preity, she has taken a break on her own terms!