Posted Wed, December 7, 2011 8:30pm IST

Taking time off from the shoot of a commercial, Shahrukh Khan takes his little girl for a fun cycle ride on the streets of Bandra near his house Mannat

The father and daughter duo were spotted spending quality time with each other after the actor managed to take a break from his hectic schedule. Awestruck pedestrians couldn’t stop gushing over the superstar as he rode past them. The actor looked pretty comfortable, despite the unwarranted attention and continued being himself. Known for his malignant smoking habits, King Khan couldn’t stop himself from taking a puff or two even while enjoying his ride. Suhana seemed delighted and confused at the same time; after all she’s not as adept as her star daddy, when it comes to dealing with such attention. Very rarely do B-town stars take to the streets and share a personal moment with family, this openly. SRK is not really known to take a ride on the streets. It is his arch-rival Salman Khan who is more famous for cycling through Bandra, with a posse of bodyguards surrounding him and making sure he’s not harmed. We wonder if King Khan is getting inspired by Sallu bhai’s ‘care a damn’ attitude. Well whatever the reasons are for making SRK take such a step, we think B-towners should take a cue from Khan and try being a li’l blither and not hesitate showing up in front of people. The tables might turn and people might get a lot more accustomed to seeing their favourite actors in public spaces. And guess stars will stop getting mobbed abysmally by their fans. But won’t that take the mystery away from stars? Now that doesn’t sound very good, does it?