Shahrukh Khan: Good to have your friends back in your life

Shahrukh Khan: Good to have your friends back in your life

While Shirish Kunder went to town alleging that the superstar had slapped him, the actor himself says he does not want to to talk about the incident or even acknowledge that it occurred

For the past two days, Shirish Kunder has been rocking B-town with his allegations that long-time foe Shahrukh Khan had slapped him at Sanjay Dutt’s party. Though a midnight visit to Mannat by Shirish, his wife Farah Khan and her brother Sajid saw the two sides patch up, Shahrukh has refused to even acknowledge that the incident occurred at all. When he attended Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’souza’s sangeet ceremony on Wednesday, he curtly stated to the press at the venue, “This is our personal matter. You better not get into it. Did I tell you that there was a fight? No. So I will not say anything about the patch-up also.” However, he did elaborate a bit at a press conference in Kolkata. “Everyone has been drawing their own interpretations, and they can go ahead and do that. There are certain things that are personal. I don’t want to talk about it. But it’s good to have your friends back in your life.” He also added, “Bollywood stories are presented in a larger than life way… I have read the headlines. Yeah, some of them have not happened and some of them might have happened, but I would like to keep it to myself.” He also said that the news reports about the incident had affected his children. “Lots of things are being said about my life in news channels, but the stuff which you put up in the channels are not the whole truth. This is embarrassing at times as I have a 14-year-old son and an 11-and-a-half year old daughter.”

Maybe Shahrukh should give that bit of advice to Shirish, as it was the Joker director who had first talked about the incident and later discussed the patch-up. He told IANS, “It was a mutual thing and was not about saying sorry to each other. Since I am younger, I can’t expect Shahrukh to say sorry. We kept our egos aside and were gracious enough about it. Being the younger, I should have not reacted like this. Our relationship has become stronger like never before. Everything that was said has been cleared face to face now.” If Shahrukh is really concerned about his children and wants to stop the drama being played out in the news, he should tell Shirish to stop fanning the embers.

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  • latha

    shahrukh u r always genuius and honest person, farha n kundra doesnot desesrve to be ur friends

  • latha

    shahrukh u r always genuius and honest person, farha n shirish doesnot deserve to be ur friend

  • ammy

    enough is enough.all srk haters are planning to put him down.
    inculding amitabh bachchen salman and his two brother and karan johar and farha khan aamir khan and now farhan akhter
    all of them inculding akshay kumar all have plan to put srk down well secrectly join with each other.sometime they attack
    on his personel life everytime on his professonal life. this has became too ugly.somebady should stop. shirish is stupid to act like fool.god give srk strengthand happiness.salman should get more and more surgery to put on the bed.

  • Omar

    On the contrary, there has not been PR acitvity from SRK. Media is quoting Farah. And people are coming up with varied versions. Crazy imagination.Perception of neutrals hardly mattered for Salman. Why would it matter for SRK? Its all about buzz the next movie creates. Post success everyone writes a new story.. SRK image is already being maligned by media in recent times.I guess SRK is in same phase as 2001. He would lie low and carry on with his work Berlin film festival, IIFA awards, IPL matches, student of the year’, chennai express, and then YC movie release surely his family will accompany IPL matches- shutting up all rumours of martial discord and friends will accompany IPL matches-shutting up all rumours of losing friends Haters have always found way to write crap even during the best days. Why bother?Expect more and more negative news in lines like, Shirish fight and how it divides BW, PC-SRK in Berlin film festival, any party Gauri-SRK attend, some more losing of friends, IPL based bad news, SRK-Kjo jokes due to SOTY, YC film criticism, someone claiming BO collections are manipulated for YC film, clash with some other movie releasing same date Somethings never change