Shahrukh Khan: I am not a Bollywood insider

The actor reveals all in the foreword to Anupama Chopra’s book

Shahrukh Khan is a natural…in so many ways. He has a natural warmth that comes through in his interactions with people, be it small kids in a hospital ward or corporate biggies at some high-profile event. And when he talks, or writes, that same warmth comes through, making his communication easy, happy, endearing. You listen with SRK speaks, and you smile, watching his energy and vitality and sense of fun. And when he pulls up his shirt at the most formal of dos to show off his six-pack, the audience laughs along with you, falling even more in love with the King Khan. His secret is that he is truly one of us, he likes us, he wants us to like him. But he has another way of looking at his super-successful life – he says, in the foreword to Anupama Chopra’s book, First Day, First Show: “Part of my success is that I am naturally objective. I am not an insider.” Now that, Shahrukh, is what we wonder at; you may have been the outsider in Bollywood, the dark horse with a slim chance of winning any race, but today you are Bollywood, the personification of everything filmi. So why the modesty from a man who himself declares that he is the Badshaah?