Shahrukh Khan: I am scared of losing

Chennai Express might have set the new benchmark as far as box-office is concerned, but we wonder why SRK is still so restless…

Shahrukh Khan is not taking it easy after his last hit Chennai Express. The actor at a recent event confessed he doesn’t take his failures lightly or his success for granted. “I am scared of losing. I am scared of coming second. I am scared of not making it big. So, I have such a fear of failure that I work harder when even I don’t need to. I work longer when I don’t have to. I never rest on my laurels because I feel that this will be taken away one day. I have this fear that if I don’t work hard enough I will lose what I have attained and not be able to continue to do so. I don’t have blood pressure neither I am a heart victim but I need to just work hard.”

-Shahrukh Khan