Shahrukh Khan: I don’t have to find a reason to be happy

Shahrukh Khan: I don’t have to find a reason to be happy

The Don 2 actor doesn’t endorse people’s perception of Bollywood stars

Shahrukh Khan had recently been in the news mostly for the wrong reasons. His brawl at the Wankhede stadium has damaged his reputation a lot and presently he seems to be on a damage control spree. He has being crying his throat hoarse that he is not a role model for the youth, and that Sachin Tendulkar should be emulated by one and all.

Talking about the general perception of his lifestyle, he said, “I don’t stand for what people perceive Bollywood to be from outside – drug, sex, rock and roll. You can be happy without drugs. You can be happy without alcohol, you can be happy without f******* girls. And I am like that. I don’t have to find a reason (to be happy).”

Wethinks this statement might land King Khan in trouble again, as the usage of the ‘F’ word was easily avoidable here. We wonder how his kids, Aryan and Suhana might feel if they read their father’s statement. Do you think Shahrukh should be more careful while he is interacting with the media?

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  • Deemi

    So the guy tells the truth, and a beautiful truth at that, and STILL you people have to find something bad to point out?! I mean seriously? Stop writing nonsense and let Shahrukh be.

    • rizwan

      good comment

    • rizwan

      good comment.

  • rizwan

    speak anything against srk and get less and less log.

  • rizwan

    now you understand the f### pal that you wrote so bad things abt SRK and his fans tried to complaint by logging your site and now…they stopped to log on and react to the ever lies abt one of the best guy srk.

  • Juhi

    Write something non-degrading about a great person for once.

  • lilian

    stupid writer and stupid site always comment badly on SRK even if he said good things .. we don’t care SRK is the best