Shahrukh Khan: I make films for my audience, never for the Rs 100-crore club

Shahrukh Khan: I make films for my audience, never for the Rs 100-crore club

King Khan reacts after Akshay Kumar’s Rowdy Rathore earns Rs 100 crore at the box office. Is SRK trying to be modest or is he just envious?

Rowdy Rathore’s success has raised many eyebrows.While critics had predicted that Akshay Kumar’s masala entertainer might not be accepted too easily, the film’s box office fate has surprised many in B-town. Apparently, an article featured Akki’s rare feat of making Rs 100 crore in his Rowdy avatar, but did not have Shahrukh Khan’s name on it despite the fact that two of SRK’s films, RA.One and Don 2 had also crossed the Rs 100-crore mark.

“When a newspaper recently wrote about how an actor (an obvious reference to Akshay Kumar) made it to the Rs 100 crore club, someone called me and said, ‘See, you haven’t been included in it!’ But I didn’t see (the article) in that light. I make films for my audience, never for such things,” said Shahrukh in an interview to a daily.

Though we are not fond of mind-numbingly idiotic films (Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore ), we think SRK’s super-hero or super-baddie endeavors (RA.One and Don 2 respectively) didn’t stimulate the grey cells in our heads either. Be it Rs 100 crore or not, it’s high time that both Akki and SRK give us meaningful films rather than quarreling about the need to join any kind of club.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • dd

    the above movies are much better than sl** scripted bodyguard and gayful ready….FCK OFF HATERS

  • Zayn Khan

    Indian media and journalists lack ethics. It’s all about creating controversy and having articles which has this person vs this person. They should be more ethical because people form their opinion on what they read on the newspapers and watch on the soap box.

  • Mi9

    Hehe “it’s high time that both Akki and SRK give us meaningful films rather than quarreling about the need to join any kind of club” see this.. now this site were LALLU MONKEYS each movies r hailed as the best in the world…on what basis u post these kind of idiotic articles..either u guys only write articles about ur LALLU MONKEY…it will be better..dont write such foolish craps about KING KHAN…enough…and every one knows which amoung the Hundred crore movies were the best…Only 3 Idiots,,Don 2,,and Agneepath was gud movies rest all were not upto the mark which includes RA ONE..But this site is hailing LALLU MONKEY and making others all small which is intolerable…they r indeed supporting a CRIMINAL…thats it….

  • mariana

    love shahrukhkhan and your audience love your movies and the people who do not know you and watch them by chance love them too,do not care about haters,they are unfair,blind with no mind,just hate him then I hate his movies even if this movie is titanic or avatar,they even do not know titanic and avatar,they are illiterate

  • Pedro

    Indian media should stop pitting actors against each other based on film genre and fan following. Just as you cannot compare apples to oranges why compare films of different genres in performance analysis. In the US a film rises or falls on screen content not usually on the actors. Films like Rowdy Rathore can succeed in India but not overseas where films like DON did better. Western audience is motivated by script content rather than rubber men flying in the sky.

  • Divyajeet

    When Dabangg Bodyguard and other idiotic films released they never called those idiotic. But they call Rowdy and rest idiotic. This cheap site is owned by Salman Khan or Someone related. And they always post Anti-SRK comments. SRK’s movies are much better than Salman’s and now even Akshay proved that even he can sell idiotic products like Salman. Salman is a nobody now.

    • Common

      you are right brother, srk had delivered so many all time great movies that can be watched any number of times. Don 2 was a good movie, those who doesnt liked that might be fans of salman khan idiotic films .

  • helen

    Khan, the king do not have to worry about box office, we support him.
    Sand is a hero!

  • jit

    Who wrote this article????? perfect Ch***ya….. hats off…

  • maheswar sahoo

    I love u srk. Chennai express is superb