Shahrukh Khan: I’m the greatest fan of Sourav Ganguly, but I’m the God of KKR

Shahrukh Khan: I’m the greatest fan of Sourav Ganguly, but I’m the God of KKR

The actor says comparisons with cricketer Sourav Ganguly are embarrassing, but he wouldn’t have him back in Kolkata Knight Riders

Asking the fans to grow up, Bollywood superstar and Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shahrukh Khan Tuesday tried to put to rest comparisons with Sourav Ganguly by stating that the fans should stop comparing the two. “The fans should grow up. This is sport. We should play it like a sport. We keep talking about Kings and Khans… this is crap, to be honest,” Shahrukh said on the sidelines of the KKR post-match party. “To be honest, if we don’t outgrow this, it is not only embarrassing for us, it is embarrassing for Dada too. We should get over this. Whenever I come to Kolkata, you bring this up…then I think it’s a little unfair,” a visibly annoyed Shahrukh said.

For the first three Indian Premier League (IPL) editions, Ganguly was an indispensable part of the Knight Riders, though the association was not controversy-free.  The prince of Kolkata captained the team in the inaugural year, but lost the job in the second season which was marked by his run-ins with coach John Buchanan. Ganguly got back the captaincy in the third season, but his authority was much diluted amidst reports of growing differences with SRK. Finally, Shahrukh dumped Ganguly from the team last year, and appointed Gautam Gambhir as skipper. After finding no takers in the players’ auction, Ganguly made a belated entry into the 22 yards for Pune Warriors as a replacement for Ashish Nehra. And this year, Warriors have anointed him captain-cum-mentor.

The May 5 match between Knight Riders and Pune Warriors was billed as a ‘Dada versus Shahrukh’ grudge match. Shahrukh said the regular comparisons were unfair on Ganguly. “Instead of making him small with these comparisons, we all should applaud the greatness he has achieved. I am the greatest fan of Dada as far as cricket is concerned. We wish him whenever he plays,” the actor said.

When asked whether Sourav will be brought in as the mentor of the team in the next session, Shahrukh said: “I’m the mentor of this team. The owner of this team. The hero of this team. I’m the God of this team.”

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  • dip

    well said srk

  • Freddie

    What a strange statement !
    Whoever would compare Khan with Ganguly?
    One might compare Ganguly’s captaincy with Dravid; or Khan’s comedy with Johny Lever’s.
    But compare Khan to Ganguly? Nah!
    It’s like Mallya saying don’t compare me to Dravid or
    Zinta baby saying don’t compare me to Yuvi.
    Hah !

  • Jonas

    IPL is a platform for doing bnsuiess. You have sold KKR to Sahrukh Khan. I mean he has paid money. Now it is his turn. He shall do whatever his corprate advisor adivice him. It is well understood that KKR is a loosing team ( should anybody need to explain it?). Why KKR lost in last three years. Dada is a good player in cricket history. Was he taken in to KKR team to show his presence as he was looking good and glamourous look. -No He should have shown something in the IPL cricket field. Why we people are linking KKR to Kolkatta only. Is Shahrukh Khan is the right person to honor the glory of Kolkotta.He is only doing bnsuiess. He wants to make money in IPL. Great players like Dada shall come and go. It has nothing to do with just a team. He was a great player. All of us know it. All players have their own limitation. As playing is linked with phsyical and mental fitness and zeal . So they have to retire at a certain age. It is natural if they retire they shall not be chosen by any playing team. That doesn’t mean we dishonour them.