Shahrukh Khan in no mood to apologise to the Mumbai Cricket Association

The Don 2 actor hasn’t softened his stand on the MCA issue and refuses to issue an apology

Shahrukh Khan’s recent brawl at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium earned him a five-year ban, barring him from stepping into the stadium premises. The infamous incident made front page headlines, and a lot of noise was made by the Mumbai Cricket Association officials and the media. The victory of SRK’s team Kolkata Knight Riders gave him a chance to make up for the damage he had caused to his reputation. He took the chance to apologise to his fans and the people who looked up to him as a role model, but didn’t say sorry to the MCA.

Shahrukh is a self-proclaimed “demented Pathan” and what he did at the stadium, though extreme for a public figure, was only in defence of his daughter and her friends. We understand that he is upset with the MCA authorities and is probably expecting an apology from them! At a press conference held yesterday, he said, “I don’t want to get into this whole thing, whether I am going to apologise to the (Mumbai Cricket) Association or not.”

He further added, “If I am walking from here and if you say something which I don’t like… I think fortunately or unfortunately, I am in a position where I should just be more thick-skinned and quiet, and say, you know what, if I get into this position right now, it will be bad for my family, children, my audience.” Wethinks he is no mood to forgive and forget, but we hope that this incident has brought a sense of responsibility to the King Khan.