Shahrukh Khan inspires Vidyut Jamwal: Watch video

The Commando actor talks about his experience while shooting the film, the stunt sequences and the love-making scenes

Vidyut Jamwal was a plain brawny muscle man before Commando. But after the film’s release, the actor has turned into a full-fledged action star given the amount of time and dedication he has devoted to his first film as a leading man.

Vidyut who was already into basic martial arts, was made to do all the stunts on his own, and some of them quite dangerous too! In fact, during an interview, Vidyut mentions how, after doing a particularly dangerous scene in which he had to leap out of a car window, the onlookers actually came to see whether the window that the action hero jumped out of was real or not! He is also quite positive about his transition from debuting in a negative role to doing an action film as a lead hero. And the actor cites none other than Shahrukh Khan as his inspiration for the same!z