Shahrukh Khan is ‘criminal’; Salman Khan is a ‘good boy’

The two rival Khans seem to have exchanged their onscreen images

Till just a couple of years ago, a Shahrukh Khan film was the cleanest you could ever find. There would be no kissing, no hint of sex, women dressed decently and were never objectified, drinking alcohol was comic and never glorified. Things changed slowly – a lovemaking scene in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, smoking scenes in Don, a bit of sex talk in My Name Is Khan. With RA.One, SRK seems to have changed drastically. He slaps Kareena’s backside in Chammak challo, dances with skimpily clad gals and drinks vodka shots in Criminal. He seems to have taken on his rival Salman Khan’s image. Sallu had indulged in such acts in his earlier films. Remember Judwaa where he repeatedly slapped both Karisma Kapoor and Rambha’s butts? And Jaanam Samjha Karo where he played a womaniser who even slaps the heroine Urmila Matondkar! For the past few years, he’s been cleaning up his image, to the extent that in Bodyguard he actually extols the benefits of exercise and healthy living. He is now the guy who can pack a punch and still be sensitive enough to fall in love with an unknown woman. What is now working for Salman is what has always worked for Shahrukh. So is it the stress of recovering RA.One‘s enormous budget that has brought about this change in the King Khan? What do you think?