Shahrukh Khan is ‘criminal’; Salman Khan is a ‘good boy’

Shahrukh Khan is ‘criminal’; Salman Khan is a ‘good boy’

The two rival Khans seem to have exchanged their onscreen images

Till just a couple of years ago, a Shahrukh Khan film was the cleanest you could ever find. There would be no kissing, no hint of sex, women dressed decently and were never objectified, drinking alcohol was comic and never glorified. Things changed slowly – a lovemaking scene in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, smoking scenes in Don, a bit of sex talk in My Name Is Khan. With RA.One, SRK seems to have changed drastically. He slaps Kareena’s backside in Chammak challo, dances with skimpily clad gals and drinks vodka shots in Criminal. He seems to have taken on his rival Salman Khan’s image. Sallu had indulged in such acts in his earlier films. Remember Judwaa where he repeatedly slapped both Karisma Kapoor and Rambha’s butts? And Jaanam Samjha Karo where he played a womaniser who even slaps the heroine Urmila Matondkar! For the past few years, he’s been cleaning up his image, to the extent that in Bodyguard he actually extols the benefits of exercise and healthy living. He is now the guy who can pack a punch and still be sensitive enough to fall in love with an unknown woman. What is now working for Salman is what has always worked for Shahrukh. So is it the stress of recovering RA.One‘s enormous budget that has brought about this change in the King Khan? What do you think?

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  • palh

    lol , who is the bloody stupid, wrote this article? you,people do not feel bore to write these kind of stupid articles. go to hell.

    • neo

      the most ghatiya articlr

      • SAJID

        The worst articil i ever read be4……..
        SRK rockzzzzzzzzzz……….Sallu socks……

        • mukesh

          i think sallu way better than srk always if u see his record from maine pyar kiya and still better than srk. Srk even rode on salmans back to get name in this industry.

          • marwa

            i want to say that srk is the best and also salman and all this depend on the story

  • Sarifa patel

    Why do the stupid editors allow u reporters to write such a load of crap what do u get off with so much lies liars have their place its hell

  • surya

    Its a waste of time to read this article

  • Raj

    what the hell is this. writer is full mental

  • sid

    wel said man. Salman rocks:-)

  • rashel

    Stupid article. waste of time.

  • Azaz Ahmad

    the writer of this article needs mental treatment…he forgot the song Character Dheela where Salman Slap butts of 2 girls repeatedly…

  • D

    ya wht abt character dheela, drunken sallu with bottel in Munni Badnaam and roaming nude in all films ….

  • Krishna

    I guess the publisher and writer are mad. SRK still has a clean image and Salman is still a bad boy.

  • 0wais

    Great article srk is shameless

    • mad

      really buddy???? Who has done the killings of innocent human beings and hunted the innocent animals????? SRK?????? Who is shameless to have not to win a single filmfare award for the best actor after all the years of work(instead of the best supporting actor for kuch kuch hota hai)??????? Srk????

      • Peter

        Srk is just a little piece of crap..salu is the best actor..

  • ujjal

    Salman khan is a great human.

  • LEO roarz

    really shame on publishers part. king iz alwayz king n datz it.

  • Shailu

    Who is writer of this article?i want to kill him.

    • kushalsham

      srk and salu is also best

    • msmadhatress

      i want to help bury the body

  • John

    Salman Khan Rocks….Srk is an insecure actor

  • Divyajeet

    What the hell. Salman still uses less dressed actresses to gain popularity for movies Teri Meri in bodyguard, Munni Badnaam in Dabangg, Character Dheela in ready.
    But this article is Stupid
    SRK Rules

  • Demonoid


  • Demonoid

    Salman kills humans and animals…he is shame on human being lol…

  • pratt

    they both are good actors & great guys

  • Mad

    srk may have changed his appearance on screen,,, yet at his heart he is the BEST human being in the whole world! SRK is only second to God himself in his morals!

  • salwa

    what a damn article !
    SRK is the best ever

  • jaismeen


  • KING

    what rubbish….
    i think the writer of this article has taken shots of vodka..
    so he is writing like this rubbishness..

    they do there acting what and how director tell to do…

    @writer of this article
    dusaro ki image kharab karne se kudki image nahi banati..

    dont teach to KING..
    he knows how to hold his position..


  • G.ONE

    abe tune is article me jo photo dali hai na…
    usase hi pata chal jata hai ki kaun bad boy hai aur kaun GOOD..

    dont tell us…

    use dressing sence kehte hai AUR wo tere sallu me nahi hai..

  • Wingsuiter

    Damn this the worst article I have seen in ages!!!! really writing and article slapping someone backside in a song WTF!!

  • spy

    screw u
    c the below comments supporting srk
    now stop ur foolishness u crap

  • spy

    salman is nt changing his image
    he is just trying to be an tamil actor
    no human will fly in sky when beated by another
    salman is just making masala movies
    thats y bodyguard have huge drop on second week onwards
    his films wl start flopping as happened before wanted


      salman khan is the real entertainer at present time no doubt,no one was around him,he is no 1

  • DinaAnju

    Waste of time to read this article. What have the writer of this crap drunk. Its a shame!

  • Arsh

    hahahahahahaha!!! you know, i always come here when I need a good laugh about the worst media to ever have hit the earth! lol just plain crap =D … Shahrukh rocks! Salman is also an awesome person (though I ain’t a fan of Salman acting). I think both Shahrukh and Salman are good people. So, haters of either…go to hell!

    btw, I’m a hardcore Shahrukh fan!

    Bottom line, this is not media, it’s total crap. And secondly, this is freaking hilarious!!!

  • Aswini Kumar Dora

    What ShahRukh is doing in films now is not a big issue at all. This things are to increase the fun level of the film, what ShahRukh is doing that’s absolutely fine and he is doing this for we people. He is the same SRK, we love you SRK.

  • AK fan

    listen darling or mate or whatever, you obviously aren’t familiar with the industry.. A film is what the writer/director makes it, not an actor.. Don smokes because that is what is written for his character. Bodyguard promotes exercise because that is what is written for Bodyguard.. Before Don/Ra.One SRK was mainly playing Rahul and Rajs.. Lovers, Romantic heroes, Mummy’s boy…. And as for your title, ‘Shahrukh Khan is criminal’ .. WHAAAAT? How does smoking and smacking a girls butt in an item song have anything to do with the law? Salman is the real killer.. but this isn’t about personal lives.. if you have nothing to write, don’t write!