Shahrukh Khan is Kashmir and Deepika Paudukone is Kanyakumari!

Yes, that’s what the King Khan is saying in the latest song from his upcoming rom-com

Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s new song Kasmhmir main tu Kanyakumari from Chennai Express is quite wacky. While we love the way SRK and Deepika show off their Kathakali moves, what really caught our attention were the quirky lyrics of the song. And as always we decided to translate the song in English and see if it could get any wackier! So you read and tell us if we succeeded or not….


Chipak-chipak ke chalti hain

Kabhi kabhi do raahein

Jude-jude kuch aise ki laga ho jaise gum

Double-double hoti thi jo kabhi-kabhi taqleefein

Kisi ke sang mein chalne se hui half se kum


Sticking-sticking and walking

Sometime-sometimes two roads

Together-together some like hit ho like gum

Dugna-dugna was sometime-sometime problems

Someone with I walking became aadha less



Ho tera-mera, mera-tera

Tera-mera, mera-tera qissa atrangi

Kabhi-kabhi chalti hai

Kabhi-kabhi rukti kahani bedhangi


Yo yours-mine, mine-yours

Yours-mine, mine-yours story weird

Sometime-sometime walking

Sometime-sometime stopping story unorganised



Kashmir main tu Kanyakumari

North-south ki kat gayi dekho doori hi saari

Kashmir tu main kanyakumari

Fifty-fifty har situation mein hissedari


Kashmir I you Kanyakumari

Uttar-dakshin cut went see distance all

Kashmir I you Kanyakumari

Pachas-pachas every situation in partnership