Shahrukh Khan is sexier than Salman Khan and Aamir Khan!

Shahrukh Khan is sexier than Salman Khan and Aamir Khan!
Yogen Shah

The King Khan of Bollywood has emerged as the king in a recent poll conducted by BollywoodLife

Shahrukh Khan has been voted as the sexiest man in Bollywood. What more, SRK has beaten all other contenders by bagging 50.35 percent votes! BollywoodLife received 36,163 votes, of which 18,208 were won by Shahrukh alone. Though initially there was tough competition, the Chennai Express actor raced past everyone and then there was no one who could catch up with him. The second position has been claimed by John Abraham, with 6,067 votes (16.78 percent).

It was surprising that Salman Khan’s fans didn’t contribute much to this poll. The Dabangg dude bagged 4,930 votes, which is about 13.63 percent only. Following Sallu is Shahid Kapoor who won about 9.61 percent votes (3,475 votes). The Greek God of B-town, Hrithik Roshan managed to pull 2.62 percent votes (946). The hot star of Ram-Leela, Ranveer Singh was a lil behind with 911 votes (2.52 percent). A lil behind Sasha is the Dhoom:3 actor Aamir Khan with 2.4 percent votes (869 votes). Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan managed to pull in a meager amount of 266, 194 and 110 votes each respectively. Surprisingly, Arjun Rampal won only 97 votes. And the most shocking bit was Ranbir Kapoor who bagged the least number of votes, only 88 to be precise!

We would like to congratulate Shahrukh Khan on winning the title for the sexiest man in B-town. To John and Salman, better luck next time. And others continue with your hunkalicious appearances to win more votes in the next poll!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sasha

    nice joke

  • nissa

    yupiee.shahid is improving………….

  • Vivek Sharma

    What rubbish poll is this??? SRK looks old with wrinkles he is a bad role model with his smoking habits and arrogance he should not even be in Top-10.

  • Saurabh Arora

    a poll based on 36k people (0.003%) people!! All forms of msm/internet media in India are such a joke, but anyways its better than opinion polls on politics, their sample is even more smaller!! Bullshit personified!!

  • johnson

    Salman khan must be on # 1 position.

  • Malenna Corredor

    WTH!!! how this poll can be real. SRK even without all wrinkles and bad shape, he never was, never will be a good looking men. He is ugly or like Karan Johar said once SRK has an unconventional look (translation UGLY).

  • munas

    Or please vivek sharma whatever your called yourself and what do you mean by saying SRK is bad role model is not his flute that he is handsome it looks like he beat salman Khan to everything and that’s what makes you mad you don’t have to be mad they are both nice people in their own ways but shahrukh Khan is the best he is famous because he is the best actor in India and he always will be always even the other actor’s knows that .

  • Devika

    SRK is indeed the sexiest man in B town. And we are not just talking about abs…but brains too.
    And congratulations to Abraham too, with the kind of cinema he is making (Vicky Donor, Madras Cafe), he’s somebody to watch out for.

  • Filmy Rockstars

    Why is it a surprise! ShahRukh Khan is sexiest <3

  • iamkhan

    Its not just about question of body shape, He had a good personality and intelligence, he’is brilliant, right ? Besides he had harmonious family and loving father, achievement in career n it’s very good. That true meanings of SEXY !! hai nā??
    Please don’t judge a book by it’s cover (wrinkle and whatever)

  • Наташа

    yes he is sexiest !!! he is most beautyfull man i love him much