Shahrukh Khan keeps his 3D RA.One promise

Battling all odds, in trademark superhero style, King Khan ensures that his fans aren’t disappointed, by managing to get the 3D version of his film ready on time

Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious sci-fi flick RA.One has been in the limelight due to the actor’s rigorous promotions all over the country and abroad. The film was set to release in more than 3,000 screens in 2D and around 500 screens in 3D. SRK’s detractors were busy spreading the buzz that the 3D version may get postponed by a few days. Fans who had booked tickets to watch the 3D film were in for a disappointment, they predicted. And since the prints were not yet available, distributors had even asked theatre owners to stop all 3D advance bookings for the time being. In a fortunate turn of events, like a typical superhero would, Shahrukh pulled off the impossible by keeping the promise he had made to his fans. The G.One hero made an official announcement on Twitter saying, “Its official 3D version is ready for Wednesday & trust me it looks awesome. So see Ra.One once in 3D & 1ce in 2D at least. Am I being greedy?” The fans who had booked the tickets for the 3D version can now heave a sigh of relief. And we wait to see how the naysayers will react to this one!