Shahrukh Khan lashes out at ‘RA.One’ director Anubhav Sinha

RA.One promotions are bombarding us all in every possible way, but is SRK’s mega-budget film even ready for release?

Just ten days away from its release, RA.One faces a situation wherein it’s ‘superhero’ is busy attending every possible show, event, press conference and giving zillions of interviews to promote his over 150 crore dream project, but the production team of the film is yet to catch up with the actor.

Director Anubhav Sinha and his team have gone into an overdrive working their back sides off to complete RA.One’s final fixes including colour-correction. But, given the complexity of the film’s VFX, the team is finding it difficult to meet the deadline. For a film which is set for a worldwide release on October 26, RA.One’s post-production is behind schedule and Shahrukh Khan is furious over this delay. SRK, on his recent visit to the office where the film’s digital conversion is taking place, was seen giving a piece of his mind to Anubhav. Well, we hope that everything goes well in the end and Shahrukh Khan releases the film on the announced date. But what this incident underlines is the fact that when money is at stake it’s not just mortals like us who get panic attacks, but superheroes like G.One can also lose their heroic cool!