Shahrukh Khan loves wife Gauri Khan for her patience!

Shahrukh Khan loves wife Gauri Khan for her patience!

Yup, that’s true. We know ‘coz the King Khan said so on his microblogging account

Shahrukh Khan married the love of his life Gauri in 1991. And since then the couple has been one of the most stable jodis in B-town. But recently rumours suggesting an affair between Shahrukh Khan and a certain jungli billi (read Priyanka Chopra) created a lot of tremors in the King Khan’s personal life, or so we heard.

But we guess all that is past. Now reports suggest that Piggy Chops has set the record straight with all those who had sidelined her ‘coz of her alleged acts. Why, even Mrs Khan has gone ahead and made friends with the wild cat again and was seen chatting with her during Karan Johar’s birthday party.

What’s more, now that life’s back on track, SRK is trying to make sure it stays right there. And guess that’s what made him publicly expresses his love for his darling biwi. We say this in the wake of a recent question posed to Shahrukh by an ardent fan on Twitter: “What is the favourite quality which your wife has, which you wish you had?” The star promptly replied, “Patience.” Well, it has to be, we say, ‘coz to deal with the oh-so-many rumoured affairs in a husband’s life definitely needs patience. Right?

But as this story nears its happily-ever-after end, we just couldn’t help signing off with the hope that SRK’s wish to gain more patience is granted quickly. Tee hee!

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  • helen

    PC and Shah Rukh is a partner, a good friend in the theater.
    Media favorite on hearsay evidence. Khan, the king of life.
    They are a happy family.

  • Humera sharif

    Shahrukh and guri made 4 each other. Un 2no ko koi alag nh kar sakta priyanka to kabhi b nh.

    • jessica

      Lol ur they. Pc and srk should get marru

  • Vladd

    Looks like Gauri has had cheek implants..the one on the left is so obvious..she looks great!

  • roselle willy bombon

    I like shahrukhan movies. It amazed me. It’s my first time to watch his movies specially the old ones. The attitudes he portrays is what I appreciate with a man. Hope it stands of his true attitude in life.

  • polo

    gauri aunty is so nice…. nd i love u SRK sir a lot…. u r awesme…

  • Vaki Loriche

    SRK & GK Are So Nice Family

  • Sam

    Shahrukh is ma favo actor ,i like him a lot,i wish mujhe b unke jaisa hi koi romantic partner mile muuuaah shahrukh

    • jessica

      Lol ur dumb pc and srk should get marry and 4get guri boooo 4 her