Shahrukh Khan misbehaves at Wankhede after KKR wins IPL match

Shahrukh Khan misbehaves at Wankhede after KKR wins IPL match

The Kolkata Knight Riders owner decided to celebrate the victory of his team by getting drunk and misbehaving with Mumbai Cricket Association officials at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai during the Indian Premier League

Last evening Kolkata Knight Riders won the match against Mumbai Indians by 32 runs. And SRK, who was present close to the boundary, decided to step on to the field to celebrate this victory. But in his supposed drunken state, the actor forgot that the entry to the ground after a match is over is simply not allowed. And so as per rules he was stopped by the security personnel. Now according to the reports Shahrukh just wasn’t in the mood to accept a ‘no’. So he reacted by abusing the guard.

Talking about the incident, MCA Treasurer Ravi Savant said in an interview, “He seemed drunk when he came to the ground at the end of the game with about 40 people. When the ground’s watchman tried to stop him, he started abusing him.”

Post this MCA committee member Vinod Deshpande tried to intervene, but even he had to face the actor’s wrath. “We will be having an urgent managing committee meeting to discuss this issue. We will moot a move to ban him from the Wankhede and also file a police complaint against him,” said Savant talking about this sorry incident.

Dear Shahrukh, we know that you are a superstar. And maybe you’ve got used to getting things done your way. But abusing and misbehaving is just not done! What say, Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • siffa

    Rubbish. We agree he was in drunken state, but he did not abuse. I was just 7yards away from him. He is a nice person atleast not like that stupid Salman to drive over people in a drunken state

    • rahul

      sharukh khan should learn how to handle success from mr. amitabh bachchan and sachin tendulkar

      • gaurav jadav

        Absulitly right srk is best person,,, wheat ever he does is best…. go to past he never said any wrong things as like aamir & salman,,, he has good sense.. we are with him…

  • prasanna

    looser salman

  • G

    it’s not proven that he was drunken,and we should also litsen to SRK,s side of the story

  • nazia

    i agree wid siffa,
    SRK is a nice person, he is not a loooooser,
    he is alwyz winner.

  • Abhishek Singh

    What happened there, has nothing to do with Flaunting his mega stra status. Its rather a biiter test of defeat of Mumbaiker in match just.infact, Note- its just a frenchise’s match but some Mumbaiker has some seroius problem of being localite.In frustation they targated SRK(the gutsy man as as true Indian. No matter, let him be in Mumbai or delhi or kovlam or America) he can stand before anyone and 100s of anyone for his rights

  • diaz

    guys..its just dat SRK re-visited his devdas n don roles together!!

    • Sandhya

      hahaha! funny! :D

  • hari

    chodaner uttal nritto mathe dekhlo mumbai

  • sourabh

    sharukh ,shame on u …chi

    • laya

      u have no right to say on him . if u r him u r kids are suffer what u will do that he has done u know and talk first

  • Anik

    Everybody please comment after investigation ….

  • amjad

    I dont feel srk is wrong this people making ishe way issue of small issue so shahrukh dont step b the way ur,love u dear

  • vinod

    Great day shah…you seem to forget the past…god gives and also knows to take back…INSHA ALLAH it does not happen, your children will suffer….you will not be able to bear it…it will be one more example of human life for people to understand.

    Good day dude,