Shahrukh Khan: Not a single scene in Chennai Express shows Tamilians in poor light

Shahrukh Khan: Not a single scene in Chennai Express shows Tamilians in poor light
Yogen Shah

The Bollywood superstar says there are no jibes against South Indians in his upcoming movie and that he admires them a lot

Amid reports that he is seen taking potshots at South Indians, especially Tamilians, in his forthcoming film Chennai Express, Shahrukh Khan has cleared the air by saying that he admires the Tamil people a lot.

“Because they are immensely talented. They are way ahead in technology and they are ready to work hard. And they are very friendly too,” said the Bollywood Baadshah.

He added, “There is not even a single scene in Chennai Express which will show Tamilians in poor light. How can I do that when I admire them a lot?”

Deepika Padukone is the heroine of the movie, which was shot mostly in Tamil Nadu. Veteran Sathyaraj has played a crucial role in this Rohit Shetty romcom.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • riya

    Wow, shahrukh looks sooooo good.

  • sabith

    What about Deepika’s accent?? Is that not insulting Tamilians…

    • naseema

      He Looking Sooooooooooo Bad

  • film lover

    on the opposite i think it is promoting south indian culture and talent too which is not seen enough in bollywood.bollywood is always remaking south movies which are awesome so it’s nice to see south talent in one bollywood movie too

  • Vikrant

    I’m Tamil and my wife speaks Hindi like Deepika. Stop being an idiot, it’s just a movie.

  • Kerstin Strübing

    I am very angry.
    No one has seen this film. That is why no one can form an opinion.

    Once again, a prejudice in its purest form.

  • Rajendran

    Chennai Express really put tamilians in not so good image.As if tamilians are mainly black in colour and their surroundings are poor.The truth is that Hindi Cinema means show off of rich residing in Mumbai and Delhi.Rarely the village atmospheres have shown off.Where as movie in South means life the cross section of the true village life.