Shahrukh Khan or Ajay Devgn: Who will Kajol choose?

Shahrukh Khan or Ajay Devgn: Who will Kajol choose?

The actor is caught in the crossfire between her hubby and close friend

We do agree that a lot about the war between Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardaar and Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a result of hype, but it has also been a great device for generating publicity for the two films. And whether it is a calculated strategy by the production houses or media generated hooplah doesn’t really matter any more.

Both Shahrukh and Ajay have maintained that they are all for the release of both movies on the same date: November 13. But with reports of Ajay Devgn accusing Yash Chopra of monopolistic methods by approaching the Competition Commission of India, the situation has become uncomfortable for his wife Kajol. Despite Devgn’s official statement that this news was just irresponsible reporting, a lot of water has flowed under the disputed bridge.

Kajol, who is close to Shahrukh Khan and the Chopra clan, has been mum about the whole war so far. Apart from Shahrukh being one of her best friends in the industry, she has been close to Yash Chopra and his son Aditya Chopra, who directed one of the biggest films of her career: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. The Chopras also cast Kajol’s sister Tanisha in Neil N Nikki opposite Uday Chopra in an attempt to resurrect the careers of both young actors.

So the big question is – will Kajol attend the grand premiere being planned for JBTH, or will she show support to her hubby by boycotting the event? Well, the actor is known to make her own decisions when it comes to attending events and, as we know, Ajay never stops his wife from going to the do of her choice.

Wethinks that Kajol will either show equal support to Ajay by attending a special screening of SOS and then cheer for SRK by attending the big premiere, or boycott both movies to avoid that clash and the media reaction to it! Let’s wait and see if this prediction comes true or not.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Zulqarnain

    She will choose her husbnd offcourse, even she is fan of srk, likes him so much, bt i thnk she will choose family first ,

  • Znr baloach is poet

    Said r8, bt she shud go for jthj ,as she is kajol because of yrf and srk, not becoz of ajay devgan, i thnk she is more famous than her corner taking husbnd, jthj is history, sos is flop

  • World of zulqar

    Kajol wil like to support jthj, bt for her hubby she will sacrifice grand premiere i thnk, as sos is just a masala movie, so why to take it serious, even it earns 5o crore, it is flop, becoz i thnk jthj is going to cross 400 mark inshalah

  • Zulqar rustamani

    When we compare sos with jthj , we are comparing ddlj vs tezz , i thnk,

    • j

      Excatly right!!!

    • himmatwala

      u r a great mantal

  • Ajay to kajol?

    Ajay to kajol? Why are u so crazy abt srk, is he better than me,…. Kajol . He is just awesome and you are a nerd, and u know meaning of both terms , got it

  • Who is favourite co star of madhuri and kajol,

    Amir , no way, salman ,go away, ajay , how could he, akhshay, better die, he is king of hindi cinema known as shahrukh khan , true romantic face in indian history

  • Matli wikipefia

    Shahrukh wado actor ahai baqi sabh lusi lusi actor ahin, amir ta wado ghadha ahai, salman ta kutto ahai

  • Sindhi lover

    Who is that sindhi speaking matli wikipefia, i love sindh , we left sindh during partition, sindh ji dharti sa mun khe pyar ahai

  • Matli wikipefia

    1)shahrukh khan, is number one in bollywnod

  • Awudu Bombay

    Infact ajay devgn have a lot of enemys but kajol is number one and srk is number two, she always want the best of srk, everybody’s wife is fighting for her husband but not kajol, if i was ajay devgn i would have divorse her a long time she is not a good wife at all a woman who dosen t support her husband look at how srk wife is supporting him, but let’s face it srk is worse actor i have ever see in the history of indian film, one way actor all his films is one way. why? ajay devgn is far far better than him even johnny lever is better than so call srk!

    • johny lever

      kis ne kaha m bara actor hun amir,salman,ajay se, thanks for complement, par m shahrukh ka to kutta hun kutta

  • Mustafa chang

    Srk is king, ajay is just a ling

  • peshawar ka pathan

    ek peshawar ka pathan mumbai pe hukoomat kar raha hai, king khan, sala har actor shahrukh nahen bn sakta , kyun ke kisi ke pas dam nahen h re

  • zulqar indian

    ek badshah hai b town ka jis ka nam shahrukh khan hai re, shahrukh nam to suna hi hoga, salo apne bap ka nam kese bhool sakte ho, amir,ajay,salman sab king ke samne bache hi to hain

  • amir to tariq jameel

    amir to tariq sahib! Sir m ne suna hai ap boht mashoor alim ho, mujhe kuch btaen ke meri talash film hit ho jae,
    tariq jameel, ap kia hajj pe film promotion ke liye aye hain, tauba

  • kajol shahrukh affair

    kajol and srk has got affair frm last 13 years, he enjoys her deeply, ajay is impotent, while other two kids belong to karan johar and king khan

  • kajol to srk

    kajol to srk, kia sab pathan ap ki tarah taqatwar hen, ya ajay ki tarah muthal hain

  • amir khan

    i accept srk is best, bt i m 2nd number actor in india, seriously i m not cutting a joke

  • saif ali khan

    what about chote nawab and his wife, i m number two while my bebo is number one, so number one couple in india is saifeena

  • ddlj lover zulqar

    if u remove all movies from srks credit except ddlj, even then srk will be number one for always

  • enimag

    righty said ddlj is best in business

  • cabdiwali

    what the kidds and rudlly supporters gay SRK iam sure Kajol will shot down your mouth for the bary of her husband King Devgn by the will i dont understand is it SOS VS JTHJ or is it SINGHAM VS PEHLI in this DIWLAALI

    • Zulqarnain

      Ajay has got 18 flops dear, it is huge figure in last 12 years, srk had just two flops,paheli asoka, bt ajay is flop machinery,

  • History is srk

    35oo crores earned by 50 srk movies, 148 awards ,highest number of endorsment in india, 14 filmfare awards a record, ddlj hs movie ,longest runing movie in bolywood history,and at last owner of kolkata knight rider, but above all a geniune heart keeper, and a model to follow, as a common man turned biggest celebrity, it isnt easy , its chalenge to go a run to sun

  • sawera

    this is such a stupid question fully

  • som

    its a completely stupid question

  • sona

    ajay is the beast …..

  • no proofs death dooms

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  • sourav

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