Shahrukh Khan or Ajay Devgn – who will rule this Diwali?

Shahrukh Khan or Ajay Devgn – who will rule this Diwali?

Last year during the festival of lights Shahrukh Khan made a big noise with his superhero-super action film RA.One, but this year he will have fierce competition from Ajay Devgn

The famous cold war between Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgn is just waiting to erupt. This Diwali, Shahrukh Khan’s forthcoming untitled romantic film directed by Yash Chopra is releasing. Incidentally, Ajay Devgn’s much anticipated comic caper Son of Sardaar, starring Sanjay Dutt and Sonakshi Sinha, is also releasing on the same day (November 13) that SRK’s romantic saga with Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif hits the screens.

With two big stars known for churning out films – each worth Rs 100 crore at the box office – locking horns this Diwali, there will be fireworks, for sure! While Ajay already proving his might with films like Singham and Bol Bachchan, both bagging more than Rs 100 crore, Shahrukh Khan needs a hit desperately.

To make things more fun, SRK’s arch rival Salman Khan is right at the peak of his career with his latest release Ek Tha Tiger netting Rs 160 crore in just 10 days since its release. Sallu also has Sher Khan and Dabangg 2 in the pipeline. These two films are already being hailed as potential mega-blockbusters.

The pressure is now mounting on King Khan. Thankfully, the Badshah of Bollywood is not facing direct competition from any more of Sallu’s films this year, but he can’t take it easy either with Ajay’s film staring him in the face.

With all these interesting dynamics and star rivalry being played out, SRK must deliver a stunner at the box office. And going by Shahrukh’s innate ability to fight back, he should manage to show that he is the real superstar of Bollywood!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Deepak Verma

    Ajay Devgn’s movie is looking better than sarukh ‘s movie i go to watch son of sardar ….

    • Dipu

      tere jese bkakua is duniyamein nahin hai.It looks like u r standard less person and like mindless film.

      • karan

        srk is the real sher khan,tiger to tiger hai,magar jangal ka raja kewal lion h jo srk h,srk rock.

    • satwik

      it seems that u know nothing.just shut up nd face d reality.ajay is a crap infront of srk.srk is the best.

      • fan of ajay

        srk best hai ,ye aap kaise bol sakte ho????????
        srk ne apne 20 sal ke carrier me sirf romance me apne,apko proove kiya hai…wo complete actor hai hi nhi…hmne dekhi hai…usase jyada faltu film maine pachale 4-5 yrs me nhi dekhi,….or ajay ne khud ko action ,comedy,romance(all types)me proove kiya hai…or hamesha variety role karta hai…vo bade or chhote sabhi diector ke sath different.different movie karta hai……he won national award 2 times…… an actor ajay is always best….some challenging acting by him in films like..zakhm,ganagajal,apharan,deewangi,khakee,omkara,legend of bhagat singh and ham dil de chuke sanam ko kaun bhul sakta hai,and many more movie…..

        • x

          Aand kitna bhi bada kyun na ho jaaye…. rahta hamesha land ke neeche hai…

          • W

            sahi bola ,well said……..aand(SRK) kitna bhi bada kyu na ho jaaye rahta hamesha land(ajay) ke niche hi hai……..

          • azhar

            king is king and cant be defeated by any one his film dilwale dulhaniya has record no one can reach him in bolly wood king will destroy every thing in this dewali

  • vishal

    Ajay ki film ka trailor phele aa chuka hai aur film 95%puri ho chuki hai vahi srk ki film ka naam abhi tak finilised nahi hua hai. Soocho ki jis film ka abhi tak naam nahi rakha gaye ho vo film ka kya hoga ,So it is better to go watch SOS rather than wasting money on srk film ,he looks too ugly in film promo…….

    • revenge

      ajay you are just hindering srk’s box office record, so please take ur movie 2 weeks ahead it will be better for u
      ur film may be good but it will affect the revenue for both the film.and vishal dekhna pictur abhi baaki hai mere dost
      srk world’s no 1 king & definitely his film is rockin this diwali, so shut ur dirty mouth and pray for ajay or salman


  • mohit

    SOS much anticipated ?? Hahahaa…. i’m sure not too many people have heard about the film ! Ajay is just digging his own grave…. SRK’s next clearly has all the hype and anticipation around it ! The only way SOS would affect SRK’s movie is by bringing a slight dent it’s chances of breaking some box office records on the first day itself !! Hopefully Ajay Devgn is a wise man and releases his movie 2 weeks after SRK’s !! SRK is the king of bollywood….. the biggest and most consistent box office king !!



    • dina

      SRK is lion.Tiger and xyz allways be around him .Tree or four hits deeni me koey SRK KING nahi ban sakta who 20 saal se king hi or tiger sirf 1or 2saalse koshish kar rhahi achah hi keep it up.

      • sandy

        salmaan khan 19889 maine pyaar kiya broken the previous record of all time block buster ,hum aap ke kaun 1994 once again broke the previous record of all time block buster …… SRK ne kabhi all time block buster record toda hee nahi …….salman se SRK ka koi camparison hi nahi …..salman is much bigger star then SRK

  • dip

    we all knw wht happened to sallu and akki when they clashed wid srk…….REMEMBER JANEMAN AND DON???????????? No more hints needed

    • monoj

      Jamana badal gaya hai ab sallu se srk ka panga thik nahi hai.kuki srk ab tiger ka sahara le raha hai

      • revenge

        abe yash ji ki picture thi salman ke baap ki film nahi, aut JTHJ ka to trailor bhi release nahi hua to kya bol raha srk, tiger ka sahahra le raha hai,srk naam hi kaafi hai, gadhe
        yaad rakh srk is lion not tiger, India ke emblem pe lion hai, tiger nahi

  • vinay

    Ajay movie is getting publicity because he is releasing on the same date of SRK movie instead of that he can name is movie as son of sharukh

  • dinesh munikar

    son of sardar after salman khan ajay devgan is the sucsss of bollywood box office so son of sardar

  • alok sahu

    srk will rock thiss diwali and will be the biggest bolockbuster ever i think son of sardar will be floped like joker so ajay its better not to compitate with the king of bollywood.

  • shan

    Srk is the king ajay is nothing infront of srk.don killed jaaneman dont forget that…

    • ratikant


    • karan

      and ajay killed yash chopra and yash chopra created SRK so ajay would kill him too this time at boxoffice.

  • arindam

    haan bhai log kya bole ki ajay scares from whom that sixer whatever is his name was he is the real sixer for bollywood everytime hanging around his herione he is the hero no he is freaking loser. in today’s time (AJAY DEVGN) is sultan of bollywood. so, there is no battle it was sure that sultan (AJAY DEVGN) will win by big & undefendable margin.

    • ratikant


      • Shuayb

        Yes that is why SRK won 9-10 film fares and Ajay won how many? Even if we don’t count awards, SRK has produced more critical and commercial hits than Ajay Devgan.

        • guru

          srk award kharidta hai na ki use milte hai aur ajay ne 2 national award jite hai srk ne ek bhi nahi….

    • Pankaj Nayak

      Great comments yaar, I definitely like your comment.

    • shanal

      tera baap bhi to sixer hai srk se jalna band kar de ajay ki singham ho ya sos sab south remake hain

  • Suri

    Losers are we…he will make money in anyway and remain the king while we will throw trash to each other as usual..go get a life guys!!!!…and by doing movies like chingam,bol baccha,golmaal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8… Infinity, nobody just becomes sultan…it takes time bro,like somebody’s doing for 20 freaking long years!!..jai ho,srk forever!!!..

  • aman

    srk name is enough ,tmlogo srk k popularity se jalte ho

  • sushant tamang

    srkkkkkkkkkkkkk rockkkkkkkkkkkl

  • Salman Hater

    Offcourse King of bollywood with his romantic Jab tak hai jaan gonna thrash SOS, ajay, salman, sunny, akshay jaise tucchhe baadshah ke aage sirf ek piyada hai Wazir bhi nahi…

    • sak

      sahi bbhai… par us mei salman ko nikal de,,,,,
      salman chuhe ke fouj mein nhi rahte…
      srk king of bollywood..

  • v brar

    ajay is best
    definitely he is gonna rule this diwali

  • umra

    srk best i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu shah rukh

    • javed

      king is the srkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Adi

      srkkkkkkkkkk ‘ll rock this diwali

  • avinash luha

    The Lion king of Bollywood AJAY DEVGN is going to win this Diwali. Trailor of “jab tak hai jaan” is copied from Hollywood film “Motercycle Dairies” is a south american film of 1951 and the’ Challa’ song is a Remake of english song” Eagle eye cherry “. So over all “Jab tak hai jaan” film is a Hollywood remake film . So friend Love India and Go for “SON OF SARDAR”.

    • SAK

      here is only one lion ..SRK… n tiger is SALMAN ajay is chhuchhundar….SARDAR EVER FLOP BHAI….

  • raju patel

    ajay will rock on this diwalli

    • sak

      flop ho jaye son sardar. diwali mein fusssssssssssssss …rocket jaise urr jayega.

      • ap

        ajay devgan is real hero .two nation award hai ajay ke pas, srk ko ek bhe nation award nahie mela. hakalane se koie hero nahie banta. srk nahi sirf sigam .

      • ap

        ajay ke koie film flop nahie hoti. aja is nation hero

  • shuayb

    That idiot who said that JTHJ is a remake of motor cycle diaries- answer me this, which of Yash Chopra’s movies, a movie that he co-wrote and directed has been a copy of a movie from hollywood? Just because they show SRK on a motor cycle doesn’t mean its about that. No one knows what the story is except those involved in the movie.
    Challa may have similarities between eagle eye cherry’s song but this is AR Rehman who composed the music not Pritam or some other neanderthal composer who steals without permission!! So shut Up!
    Son of Sardaar will no doubt do well, but the only reason because comedies are easier to watch than romantic dramas. There will be glaring differences in the quality of Son of Sardaar and Jab tak hai Jaan.

  • sak

    jab tak hai jaan superduper mega hit. but son of sardar super duper ever flop.. king khan is the baap of ajay n his films. saale ko king khan se dar tha to film mein appearing guest ketour par tiger khan ko laaya.. nhi to jaan tha ki sardar flop hojata.

    • sharukh ka bap

      sharukh khan ka bap hi ajay devgan our dada hi amitab bachan so maind it your child mind so sorry iam ajay devgan fan and you fan sharukh khan so we both see what will happen in this diwali

    • prakash nagarkoti

      ajay is the best ever. this deewali sos get 100 cr++. best of luck ajju love u .

  • saurav

    Ajay devgn’s sun of sardar be blockbuster this diwali…….and srk fusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…………………….. love you ajay,,,,,,,,,,you are great………………………..

    • karan

      Yes mere bhai, SOS will be biggest blockbuster of 2012….

      Ajay will rock on Diwali……

      Sharukh looks like a old women, so not interested in three womens love story

  • karan

    SOS and Ajay will rock on this Diwali, SOS will be a biggest Blockbuster…………

    Romantic roles doesnt suits to Shahrukh in this age…..

  • Nita

    This time history will be reversed. SOS will score over JTHJ. Already songs of SOS are in huge hit but JTHJ is so so. AR Rahman saab and Guljarji both are below average. Waiting for Yash ji. If he fails JTHJ will be out of theater in 3 days after release. But SOS is made from a great movie and is in great Hype in audio and video song. Salman is also a huge factor for the movie because his fanclub is maximum in india.

    • BiggestSRKfan

      i am very sure that Jab Tak Hai Jaan wud b better dan d tacky film SOS!

  • Shreejan katuwal

    kihg khan is the ruler of bollywood,so THIS DIWALI JTHJ WILL BEAT BADLY SOS.

  • Shreejan katuwal


  • Rk

    Sos hit hai boss &jthj flop hai all bakra’s gay fans

  • ahsan

    jab tak hai jaan break the all record. king is king