Shahrukh Khan or Akshay Kumar: Who will you watch this Eid?

Shahrukh Khan or Akshay Kumar: Who will you watch this Eid?

As the titans clash this holiday season, we wonder who the audiences will give their thumbs up to…and you?

Last year, Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan had to fight Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardaar at the box office on the Diwali weekend. A few years earlier too, a big fight had ensued between SRK’s Om Shanti Om and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya on the same holiday weekend. And SRK managed to win both the battles at the BO.

This time though the fight has shifted to the Eid release date and SRK will have a face off with Akshay Kumar – it will be Shahrukh-Deepika Padukone’s romantic comedy Chennai Express versus the Akshay Kumar-Imran Khan-Sonakshi Sinha starrer Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again. While SRK’s movie is a masala love story, Akshay’s is a sequel and an action drama.

Interestingly, director Rohit Shetty has clashed with Akshay Kumar twice before and has come out trumps on both occasions – Golmaal versus Action Replayy (turned to be a dampener) and All The Best versus Blue (which tanked).

While Shahrukh and Rohit have a clear statistical advantage over Akshay at the moment, we wonder who the audience will give their thumbs up to this time around. Tell us, BollywoodLifers, which movie will you watch?

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  • james

    Its very simple ofcourse king khan

    • Vikram


  • saqlain

    Khiladi King Kumar

  • the die hard fans of the khans

    king khan….
    King of bollywod
    baadshah of the bollywood…
    Z one n only theeeeeee
    king khaaaaannn…
    Cmon SRK

    • indian

      one khiladi will break the bones of all ur khans

  • indian

    one and only khiladi

  • kumar

    only akshay kumar

  • rajesh

    khiladi kumar.

  • saba

    ofcourse Badshah king khan SRK

  • lence

    akshay wil over come srk..

  • EM

    of course Akshay

  • nancy

    khiladiyon ka khiladi, badshahon ka badshah aur dabangon ka dabang , king no. 1 only akshay kumar boss of bollywood

  • rahul

    akshay kumar

  • sahil


  • RG Verma

    This Eid no good movie, both will be huge flops.

  • saleem

    The king khan Bollywood Badshah Shah rukh khan rocks again.

  • Mike

    To Srk fans,

    Don’t mess with Akshay Kumar’s films this time. He is gonna show you how good movies he is making this time. This time Akki will take revenge against Srk and Rohit for previous movies clash.


    AKKI. ROARS!!!!!!


    • Dilan

      SRK is the best ….

    • Zoya khan

      Yes dat we hve seen (joker) film was a supper flop anyway its srk the king of bollywood how will rock

      • Raja

        Ra.One is teh biggest disaster of the century! Did you forget HS2, RR, Special Chabbis, OMG and Khiladi 786 which are super hits and combinedly grossed more than 450 crores, a record for any actor! Go eat the stale paiKhana!

        • arun

          Get your fact right RA ONE was declared a hit anyway SHAHRUKH KHAN last flop was 8 years ago

  • Arun

    1st- Dilip- 1950,60
    2nd- Amitabh- 1970,1980
    3rd- SRK…..still ruling-1990,2000,2010,2020

    So you can’t compare SRK with Akshay!

  • prateek katiyaar

    king of bollywood akshay kumar
    surely gonna watch outim2

  • Umair

    Akshay kumar will be win inshaallah

  • pooja

    wht who is comparing shahrukh khan to akshay kumar, do not mess with srk.
    and for matter of fact srk movie cam first than akshay kumar

  • panu

    do not mess with srk
    otherwise you are going to hell
    srk is the best

  • menu

    do not mess with srk

  • akki fan

    my favourite action hero is akshay kumar and sharukh romantic so do not care nothing..:)

  • shima

    Shahrukh khan is a legend. Do not compare him to boys like Akshay. King khan is one of the three legends.

    1 -Dilip kumar
    2 -Shahrukh khan
    3- Amitabh

  • Ruby khan

    Srk he is the best

  • arun

    SHAHRUKH KHAN Chennai Express is going to do much better business than AKSHAY KUMAR film because every time they clash at the box office it’s always srk film that does better who can forget JAANEMAN that had SALMAN KHAN & akshay kumar but still was no match for the remake DON

  • singh


    akshay is da winner without even talking about it

    • Punk

      So, why are you talking?

  • tina

    SRGAY will always remain badshah of this…real self made “Straight” khiladi is only one..AKSHAYYYYYY

    • Punk

      Calling somebody gay doesnt make you straight

    • Punk

      He will never remain as badshah. He will be greater everyday you know how? Because of haters. you guys are just jealous of shahrukh khan. you guys cant do anything beside networking and blame somebody’s success. you are the one who waited at airport to get his autograph and sell it on ebay. you guys are too lazy to find job beside networking and blaming somebody’s success.

  • Aisha

    SRK is KING KHAN – remember what he did to SOS (Ajay) last summer lol 215 crore WorldWideL JBHJ (wikepedia) vs 110 crore SOS.

    Akki too bad you are up against the best!

  • vijay dilor

    akhsy fell on ths face with Tmk,joker like movies.. His movies come up every 3months.. N Just wait how many records CE breaks… He is nt Simply called King Khan…

  • sameer

    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again seems to be very interesting. Akshay Kumar playing Don Dawood, Sonakshi his love interest and Imran Khan playing the third angle will be too exciting a proposition to miss. With Milan Luthria who has earlier directed OUTIM Part 1, Dirty Picture, Taxi No. 9211,Kacche Daagge, and Ekta Kapoor producing; it will be an absolutely enticing watch.Chennai Express will have the Rohit Shetty brand of comedy without his lucky mascot Ajay Devgan. So OUATIMA is sure to get better collection if it gets equal no of screens,which I doubt as Sharukh Khan will try to get as many screens as possible, and I am sure he will put his might, if any left in him to totally sideline OUATIMA as he did with Son of Sardar last Diwali . More so this Eid, as he is wanting to regain and snatch the NO. 1 position, and Eid release bonanza from Salman Khan.But if given equal no of screens and fair chance without anyone playing dirty like asking critics to run down a film then OUATIMA has good chance.

    (P. S: By the way Son of Sardar collected more percentage wise with respect to nos of screens alloted to it, compared to Jab Tak Hain Jaan)

  • Me

    Ok, OUATIM, should be a decent movie with a good performance from akki, but CE, we dont need these type of movies, akkis actually starting to do movies that aren’t rubbish and all other big Bwood stars are doing rubbish movies. If he gets flogged by CE, he might go back to doing rubbish movies and i dont want that.

    • Punk

      So you have done rubbish movies more? and lots of flopped?

  • pavan

    daredevil action hero vs oltic hero.
    khiladi will win


    akshay kumar and shahrukh khan two living legends

  • Carol

    SRK is boring. And Akshay repeats himself in every movie. Every movie lover choose another one only to avoid these two dinosaurs. By the way: SRKs last one was also a success because it was Yashs (god bless him) last one.

  • srk

    for sure chennai express. the most retarded people will watch once upon a time

    • sewan rai

      Akshay the real king because he is verstyle

  • deepak

    shahrukh khan is the only actor in bollywood who needs no introduction

    • Muntasir

      Wasim bhai ne jo kaha hai o bilkul thik hai main bhi ohi chata hu

    • SRK KI maut

      Waise Bhi Kutton ko Introduction ki jarrorat nahi padti..

  • deepak

    haters r jealous of his success bt they have to controll hahaha………

  • javed

    shahrukh has fans in all age groups all over the world he s the real KING OF BOLLYWOOD

  • anahi

    heres the thing i cant fugging stand sonakshi.

  • rameyz rai


  • nikhat kalim

    We all will be watching SRK of course the bollywood king. You just can’t help it he is best.

  • Wasim

    jab tak srk salman se dosti ka hath nahi bara ta tab tak main uska opposit hi rehenge.

    • Deepak

      Srk is a Gay…..The Real hero AKSHAY KUMAR…..

  • Vicky

    srgay gay hai Tu..

  • jisan

    is that a question??? cmpring with srk?? ofcrs srk… i nd my all frnd will go for chennai express

  • Salman

    Srk is a king .lekin isbar eid main akshay chayega

  • Nyc lovebug

    srk… whoever casted sonakshi alongside askay. big effing mistake.

  • lize

    Srk is the best when its comes to acting and romancing.people have to give him credit because he done a lot of really good movies.he is also very intelligent n smart not forgeting cute n adorable.I wish all the best in the future for him n hopes he continue to act movies for a very long time.srk is the best n will always b the best

    • Nasim

      SRK is best and his film ll run surely.

  • Tiger = kutta

    Is this comparison? King khan will break minimum 2 records…. CE

  • srk fan

    srk is the best

  • Kk

    Yes! this time it’s akkis movie win.b’coz rohit shetty is only good with ajay devgn and with shahrukh it’s look like sajid khan’s Himmatwala.
    Ha ha ha??

  • Ibby

    How people watch srk movies I’ll never understand, the guy over reacts so much, and they call him the king of bollywood?? He’s such a crap an boring actor. It’s all about akshay kumar, the actual khiladi of bollywood. Who can do action, comedy, romance and many more, and every actor has ups and downs in their careers, no ones perfect.

  • nikhil

    ofcource akshay kumar

  • dilip

    Akkiiiiiiiiiii ………. is the best

  • Twinkle khanna

    Akshay what are yu doin?
    Come home
    I ve acted with him in Baadshah and i know a chef cant be a match to him:P
    Come back dear,yu gotta change our babies diapers and cook fr me.

    • gauri

      akshay plz come home.i am waiting foru

    • gauri

      akshay plz come home.i am waiting foru

    • gauri

      akshay plz come home.i am waiting foru

      • Akash kumar

        srk is the flopper actor in bollywood ushse accha actor to abhay deol hai

      • srk ka dushman

        srk most disaster actor in bollywood akshay is more better than all khans and kapoors

        • akki

          akshay rules box office this time also

  • raushan kumar

    Sabse bada khiladi akshay kumar

  • sewan rai

    The real king is akshay kumar

  • usman

    akkkiii is my best srk is flop