Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan: Who is better at being bad?

Thu, March 15, 2012 2:05pm IST by
Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan: Who is better at being bad?

The rival stars are competing once again for an award, but this time it’s for the title of Worst Actor. But who deserves it more…

We all know it already – the two dishy heroes are not the best of friends and will rarely be seen on the same stage together. But now they come head to head as they compete…yet again…for a rare honour: the title of Worst Actor! The Annual Ghanta Awards are back and both Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are in the race for acting dishonours. Sallu has been nominated for his work in Ready and Bodyguard, while SRK is running neck to neck with him courtesy RA.One and Don 2. At the Golden Kela Awards announced earlier this year, Shahrukh and Salman narrowly escaped making the Worst Actor list and competed in the Worst Film category. But at the Ghanta Awards, they will meet, though perhaps not greet, as they battle it out once more, this time for a nifty little trophy that we just know they will put on their mantlepieces with great and glorious pride, lights focussed on the artefact to show it off to every visitor. You will root for the Khan you hate, won’t you, so that he can take this prize home?

But who really deserves it most? We give you the run-up, you choose:

Worse Action: Definitely Shahrukh. When Salman punches the villains and sends them flying, there is a modicum of believability, but when the RA.One hero tries it, you roll over laughing.

Worse Tears: Salman, without question. Take Bodyguard. His mystery gal, with whom he is totally in love, unexpectedly breaks up with him over the phone. He tries to be stoic, but is more like a block of wood. Whatever happened to the expressive guy from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?

Worse Dancing: Hmmm… this is a tough one. Salman’s pelvic thrusts in Dhinka chika? Or SRK’s gestures in Chammak challo? Salman whistling and flexing his biceps in the Bodyguard title track? Or Shahrukh shaking his booty and slapping Kareena’s behind in Criminal?

Wethinks this is one award that the two hunky men should share. Maybe the honour of indignity will bring even these two closer.

You tell us what you think.

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  • neha

    Why dont u guys give urself dis award….atleast they have guts and power to bring people in theatres…wat do u have just a dick which no girls love and a brain which stinks…:PPPPP

    • sara

      you are funny i agree wit you 100% anyways i love Salman khan

      • Nick

        Salman Khan Sharukh KA Koi Muqabla Ni Because Sharukh IS King & Salman Khan IS Ghatiya….

  • Maddy

    Hi I believe when one so actively highlights only the imperfections in what others do,you do so to remove focus from your own insecurities. We all have some but hurting others isn’t acceptable. Both Khans show courage every time they put a movie out there. Show respect for their effort & hard work at least. I’m a proud SRK fan!

  • addy

    just read this

  • addy

    just read this shrib(dot)com/yh9gy1LB replace ‘(dot)’ with .

  • bipin

    SRK(DON) rocks……..

  • rashed

    salman khan is better

    • amit

      sallu ghanta!!!!

    • nitesh sharma

      don(shahrukh)is better than salman khan

  • atul

    srk rocks…… and sallu sabse bada ghanta.

  • Raymond azmi

    Kaddu ka pardha srk…………pasaar ke mili oka ,,,, aur kauno award leve khatir chuniyana raha ta……
    Sallu bhai jaan….

    • arman

      Tu bihari hai aur bihariyo ka pasand tapory hi hota hai

  • Mahesh dangol

    srk srif nam hi kafi hai,are acting me inke side me v khade honeki awkat nahi hai sal…man ki samjhe

    • rahul

      her hero box office ke baad best hota hai – box office mai dekho kon best hai…..

  • nitesh sharma

    salman apna ghanta pakad k hila

  • mikle

    OK before commenting on others, just look at yourselves. they are both super stars. however he is, i love salman

  • mikle

    salman khan will win the hatest actor actor this year.

  • dinesh

    shahrukh khan naam hi kafi hai.if the fans of srk have not watched his two top films
    1)don 2
    2)jab tak hai jaan

    please watch these two films if you are srk fan.
    and if you are not srk fan then go to hell.