Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar: Who will 2012 belong to?

Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar: Who will 2012 belong to?

Four actors, four different personalities, four different films. Who’ll be more successful? Whose year will it be?

Akshay Kumar – Rowdy Rathore

The Four of Pentacles is the card of a man who sits securely with all his money and that’s exactly how Rowdy Rathore will be – a good opening and consistent growth. Sensible spending and some clever promotions will ensure this. The King of Wands encourages you to expect an energetic film riding heavily on the shoulders of Akshay Kumar. His ability to naturally change and adapt to his characters will be highly appreciated. Despite some unfavourable prying eyes, the Sun and Queen of Pentacles will make sure that Rowdy Rathore will surprise everyone with its box office success. Personally for Akshay Kumar, it’s a consistent and strong year. He’ll give 100% to whatever he takes on. So it will be a good and successful year for Akshay!

Salman Khan – Dabangg 2

The loyalties that surround Salman Khan always make sure that his films achieve success. The Ace of Cups and Nine of Pentacles show the love Dabangg 2 will get and the bumper opening it will receive. The makers of Dabangg 2 will open with the advantage of already having recovered majority of its costs – feeling comfortable and enjoying the growth of their production company. The audience will flock to watch the film, not just in India, but overseas audiences will give it their love too.

As a family, the Khan’s will come together stronger and it will be their support and Salman’s fans that will bring success to a well-made film.

Shahrukh Khan – Untitled Yash Chopra Film

Represented by the Knight of Cups, Shahrukh will be loved and appreciated for the sincere and honest energy he will put into this untitled Yash Chopra film. The film will open well, but won’t be able to sustain this opening and may disappoint audiences as explained by the combination of the Three of Swords and the Two of Pentacles. It will be very important for the makers to market this film well and not over spend, otherwise the film may lose its way.

This will be the last of many recent disappointments from Shahrukh, as 2013 promises to bring him back to his old box office position.

Aamir Khan – Talaash

Talaash, just like Dabangg 2, will recover the majority of its cost before its opening. The difference will be that Talaash, represented by the Ace of Swords will be well respected for the effort and planning gone into making a correct film – as expected from Aamir. Luckily, the cards of Judgement and Justice both grace this film leaving you curious about how Aamir manages to out-do himself each time. This meticulousness will mean a successful and well balanced film.

To sum it up, Shahrukh will have a quiet year but will be respected for his work, whereas Akshay, Aamir, Salman – all three are strong contenders for a great year. They will accumulate new fans and respect not just for their work but the type of people they will come out to be.

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  • babbig

    what about hrithik? he has already raised the bar beyond others reach.

    • faraz alam

      aamir khan sab ki band baja dega is saal

  • kishor

    srk will riok the boxoffice…he is the king..

  • Akshay

    Akki rocks!! the king of kings!

  • zulfi

    absolutely King Khan will rule the box office this he has been king of box office and bollywood since 1992.. ..Shahrukh Khan is the king of kings….

    • Sachin

      You are right brother,SRK is real King of Bollywood.

  • dasdas

    fck u anti srk site!

  • Akki rocks

    Akshay will rule the box office with all of his movies this year like back in 2007…houseful2 will be super hit,,rowdy rathore will be all time blockbuster,,, once open a time in mumbai will be blockbuster,,,khiladi786,,joker so much on Akki rules shame on all Akki haters he will be the undisputed king in 2012….lol

  • ehtesham

    y everybody is after shahrukh khan.u must be a tarot specialist but u cant say tat it ll not be a box office hitt or public ll not like it inshallah the film be huge as expected and everyone ll love the the movie.

  • samir

    SALMAN KHAN will Rule the boxoffice with Dabangg 2 Nd Ek tha tiger ! Best oof luck Sallu bhaii ! :)

  • Cine-Goer

    The author of this trash piece of text is a loser. You can´t bring down SRK who is the King. Aamir Khan and Salman always unite themselves to bring The Badshah down and they always fail, they will never reach SRK´s level of stardom.
    Shah Rukh Khan is No 1 In the World, where Salman is in India no 1, and Aamir stands behind Ranbir Kapoor in the 4th place. you don´t believe me? go BOI site and check it.

    • Aman Verma

      Since Srk has acquired No 1 position in bollywood and king khan title, most salman khan and aamir khan have united against him.Since then ,u can see aamir and salman praising each other in public and promoting their films. Where was there friendship, before all this? Where was aamir khan , when salman khan was going under court trial for his road rage and blackbuck incidents. But cheers to king khan, for standing alone against these two.

      • Som

        Srk is a big flop he can only do cliched roles….even last yr his 2 films failed to cross the business of ready and bodyguard,….SALMAN KHAN THE BIGGEST SUPERSTAR EVER

    • saiz

      what do u hv to say about sallu srk friendship in the early days,i think u will say that they were trying to bring down aamir if u were a aamir fan

  • jackson

    salman rules since 1989

  • jackie

    sallu bhai’s indain fans itself are double of that srgay fans worldwide


    salman khan all the Best

  • Shaba

    king khan will rule 2012.
    and he is ruling SRK no one can beat him
    Aamir and Salman always used to take SRK’s name in their speech to gain populaity.

  • zulfiqar

    why every one is jealous with SRK.every body( media, trade analysis tarot card readers )trying to show down King Khan in real SRK is the King of bollywood.his all rare movies like Darr Bazigar DDLJ DIL To Pagal Hai Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Mohabbatein are all time blockbuster.DDLJ is Longest running movie in indian cinemas.His acting ablities are defferant from all bollywood actors.His dialogue delivery is best.His rare famous dialogues are still recalled (i love u kkkkiran,har kar jeetne wale ko bazigar kehte hain )He has defeated Salman khan in acting in many movies like (kuch kuch hota hai..hum tumhare hain sanam )the real actor is he who is world famous,not in one country india only.
    Shahrukh Khan is famous india and in overseas( like hollywood actors are world famous SRK is famous in hollywood too) dont believe check it out here……while salman is in india only..Shahrukh is king from his first movie Deewana to till Don 2…while salman is best from Wanted to bodygaurd….Shahrukh Khan has won 14 FilmFare awards…Shahrukh is the king of boxoffice india and overseas..SRK is the best all…long live SRK…….

  • mary

    Salman obviously

  • sean

    Salman will (again)

  • shammy

    Aamir Khan will rule Box Office this year




    salman khan…….no one can beat him….may god bless u SALMAN BHAI…EK THA TIGER & DABANGG2 WILL ROCK……

  • arun


  • Jay

    Salman Blockbuster Khan will

  • rakesh

    akshay has Rowdy rathore, housefull2, khiladi 786, joker, once apon time in m, o my god,special chabiss, thapkki remake,sita or gita new,satyagrah(prakash jha`s)etc ab bolo.

    • wonder


  • bhagavath

    only salman not others reamber me when film realise salman can only do all kind of role not outhers

  • adna

    salman kha he is the best

  • vishal khatter

    everyone know srk is better than aamir nd salman nd all actors of bollywood,,,uski acting me wo skiils hai jo kisi ke paas nahi hai,,,ha yeh keh sakte hai ki is saal salmaan ya aamir ki movies shyd jyada blockbuster jaye shahrukh se,,but actor ka means hota hai,,acting krne wala,,,to acting me shahrukh se bad kar koi nahi hai,,sab jaante hai,,,so no.1 actor only srk

  • farnesol

    ha ha ha ha… bunch of losers . agneepath will be the best film of 2012 and hrithik the best actor. u guys shld stop with ur stupid n over-rated khans. come end of 2012, agneepath will still be the highest grossing movie domestically. akki’s n srk’s fans stop dreaming. y’all hv been dreaming of their top successes since couple of years now n is not happening. fastforward to 2013, amir khan will rule 2nded by salman, srk , then akshay. hrithik for 2012. i rest my case.

  • Mohit

    Lol f..this site they are so bias Srk will rip it this year we have seem him in Don 2 and his performance akki will flop
    Like always SRK rocks… East or West Srk will F… The Rest..

  • amit

    srgay ki movie 3 ya 4 week k baad 100cr kamati hai wo b 120 cr pe ruk jati hai leking salman ki movie 8 se 10 dino me 100 bana leti hai aur srgay ek aesa actor hai jo sirf romantic movie bana k aur wo b bade banner ke saat jisse usko faayeda hota hai aur log srgay ko dekhne nahi jate balki film k liye jate hai lekin salman ki film sirf salman k naam se hi chalti hai and he will again be the king of box office and will remain forever.and lots of bad wishes for srgay and he will soon destroy himself watching salmans success coz he is a very selfish and jelous man oops not man bt a crap and a cheater who can cheat his own frnds and also he did to his godfather salman in srgays struggling days and can use his own daughter for his film what a shameless father a dhabba on indian society and still called as a superstar and god dont bless ppl like srgay he dont deserve ur blessing coz he is a monster of india.

    • Immi

      You are right. srk is a shaitan ka bachcha. High time God pulled him down from the undeserving hights that he has reached with only manipulations.

  • surejm

    salman is d biggest star…

  • mioo

    amiir khann the best with bebooo

  • lalait sharma

    akki rule in 2012

  • swapna

    What about Ek tha tiger? What will happen to that film?

  • suvadipa

    srk-kat a new jodi ……..the most awaited film.i hope everyone w’ii enjoy all these ek tha tiger,dabang2,talash,… are all hype.king khan will rock this time also.allthe best you………….

  • eesha

    talaash is the most awaited film.

    aamir and akshay will deliver superhits. may god bless them both

  • Purna Maity

    Akshay kumar(Rajiv) one an only hit in 2012,thats all.

  • Wastal Aryan

    2012 will be the rule of Mr Akshay kumar…

  • Tsering dorjay


  • Gaurav

    akki.akki.akki.with rowdy rathore..see akki ka phatka 440 volt ka you akki…

  • sara

    are forget hrithik roshan agneepath sur it will be the super hit

  • vishal

    Forget all khans ,kumar and kapoor here comes one and only Ajay Devgan . The lion king of bollywood .

  • vinod

    Rowdy Rathore ka phatka 440 volt ka jhatka dialogue given is very very poweful – very hard work by Akshay

  • samarjeet singh

    akki,,,,,akki..all comming movies are super…….. duper hittttttttttttttttt..of akshay kumar.

  • Tulsi

    I hope that yash raj chopra film will be successfull of 2012 n I m a fan of shahrukh khan keep going best of luck very much

  • Behroz Nazar Baloch

    Four heros are good but I hope that Aamir khal film willbe succesful of 2012 and I’m fane of Aamir khan keep going best of luck Aamir khan. . . . . .

  • Javed bhat

    Rowdy Rathore wil be huge huge huge hit, and kumar wil rule,

  • Kanila

    Ya I agree with you. Both r good.But a gentleman never waetss his time by gratuitously criticizing other.So I think it will be better for Aamir, if he look into his act rather then cricizing others.Coz, EA PUBLIC HAI. EA SAB JANTI HAI.

  • Sya

    Rosh masand,raja sen n anmupaaji r the one who r biased as far as taran is concern i never feel his review bias some of my frends have commented about the blue let me tell you whatever may be the movie is but its suberbly shot n technically best movie in bollywood there is no dought abt it.

  • Vivek roy

    2012 made for akki nd only akki……so wait nd watch…!

  • Rowdy

    Sunbhe lapanjahndus akki Jo bolta hai wo karta aur Jo wo nahi bolta wo to definitely karta hai………………… Akki will rule da bollywood and even sallu 2 donno ki jodi jamegi new record banayegi jisse srgay aur aamir choo bhi nahi sakte hai

  • Akshay kumar(akki)

    I think salman is far more better actor than me n he in true sense rules bollywood

  • Kingshah

    ek tha tiger created history and earned 33crore . . salman z the baap of all . . akki,amir and ajay yeh sb sallu bhai ki gange main hn . . srk nd hrithik jealous frm sallu’s gange . .


    akshay kumar shahrukh khan the greatest living legend & the real superstar of indian cinema


    akshay kumar shahrukh khan legendary actors

  • rahul kr

    Akki is the best