Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan: Who could be Bollywood’s biggest and best baddie with signature style?

Posted Fri, February 22, 2013 9:15am IST

With Akshay Kumar expressing his wish to play grey characters on the big screen soon, we wonder which Bollywood star can be part of the competition to play the darkest, meanest, most unconventional villain ever. We are as curious about which baddie will use what move to show off his presence….any guesses?

Akshay Kumar is receiving rare applause for his phenomenal performance in Neeraj Pandey’s recently released Special 26. The 45-year-old star is now keen, he says, to explore a larger canvas as far as his roles in Bollywood potboilers are concerned. In fact, he wants to portray characters with grey shades, like that he played in Rajkumar Santoshi’s 2004 film Khakee. “I will keep on doing scripts that I like. When I did Khakee, it was earlier given to Paresh Rawal. When Rajkumar Santoshi approached me, I really liked the role. I really liked the character. So if I like the role, I would like to do it. I admire villain roles. I would love to play a villain,” explained the star.

Now this has made us wonder what it is about the grey, ominous and edgy characters that pulls Bollywood stars towards badness. Why does the idea of playing a baddie so fascinate filmi hunks? And this thought has made us wonder how A-list leading men – from Shahrukh Khan to Hrithik Roshan and from Amitabh Bachchan to Aamir Khan – will do the villainous act. Let’s take a look…

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  • dharmendra

    hro is the best

  • suraj


  • salima

    hrithik rock

  • ankur

    rrithikis best

  • suma

    Salman khan z best in our bollywoods industry ….

  • haha

    Salman Khan the best forever! <3 <3 <3

  • Aakaash.K

    Hrithik should do stylish, attitude movie he is the best in that type of movie like dhoom 2 if he kept do that type of movie with his dance include because nowdays india kept dancing.

  • Sunil

    H.Ro can play any type of baddie. H.Ro rock



  • nadia

    the best biggest and baddia stle signature is salman khan handsome forever

  • teena

    the biggest and best baddia with signature style in bollywood ofcourse salman khan handsome king of all stars

  • Susee

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  • Rajendra(Raj)

    Shahrukh is king and don of bollywood

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  • Narender

    Salman khan is the best hero

  • sam

    hrithik rock

  • Shan

    On Screen: OBVIOUSLY SRK!

  • shubham raj

    salman khan is the biggest baddie of the hole bollywood every body now that

  • dileep

    Hrithik is the most good looking hero indian cinema have ever seen… are not hero they are actors..

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  • Ravi

    Looks, acting, dancing wise none can stand in front of most handsome hunk of indian cinema that is only HRITHIK ROSHAN…REST ARE MOUSE IN FRONT OF HIM

  • Reena

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    • true fan

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  • Rati

    Please give some respect to hrithik…why are u idiots compare him with cheap salman and shahrukh…give him some respect and compare him with tom cruise, brad pitt or huge jackman….hrithik is an international representative any regard

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  • minisha

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  • nasir

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    • true fan

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  • true fan

    salman & srk both are real baddy in their real life, one is murderer and other is a drunker, so they can justify this role properly

  • babbi

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  • bhagavath

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  • Suraj

    Please don’t compare SRK to any other Indian actor’s.He is the global super star.Love u kingg khan…

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    Pethetic people… specially srk and Salman fans.. god help you

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  • lol

    Hritik has only played villain twice in his whole career, dhoom 2 and agneepath. SRK has played villain in so many movies including Darr, Baazigar, Duplicate, Ram Jaane, Don 1, Don 2 just to name a few. Definitely SRK is the best actor out of all of them, except maybe Amitabh sir can compare to him. Aamir Khan did one or two good villainous roles like Ghajini.

  • dileep

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