Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan or Hrithik Roshan: Who’s B-town’s biggest crowd puller?

Fri, July 12, 2013 10:00am IST by
Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan
Yogen Shah / Imaging: Neeraj Kathale

In India, superstars define the psyche of an era. And those who manage to carve a distinctive image that reflects the mood of their times end up being at the top. Here’s looking at the stars who have managed to create a huge fan following amongst the masses and classes alike…

There are stars and there are superstars. And what’s the one thing that separates them? It’s the X-factor. And the X-factor cannot be quantified or explained – it could be a larger than life image like Salman Khan, a charismatic and charming personality like Shahrukh Khan or the perfectionist streak like Aamir Khan that could draw them to their favourite star.

Then a huge number of fans come thronging to their house, start mauling their car, begin doting on every move they make and last but not the least rush to the theatres in larger numbers to watch them on the big screen. We take a look at Hindi cinema’s greatest crowd-pullers and what makes them special.

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  • gulab singh

    hritik is nice 1

    • joshil chaudhary

      Akki Baba
      Khiladi bhaiya
      Akshay kumar

  • kamal singh

    sharukhan big star ever

  • Kapoor

    Without thinking for a second, it is King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan!

    • Srk the king

      Our king bhai is the best actor of bollywood.manta hu ki presnt time oske liye bura hai,lekin he is the original king of bollywood

    • sandeep.singh

      If he is dan tel.him to face off salman khan on eid o nyotha current time dnul no hu is real.king til.dan relax dude

    • sandeep

      aamir is d king baki sab bekar…

      • sant

        pagal kahika, sharukh khan is the king of kings

  • Malia

    SRK any day.

    Good looks. Good personality. Good person.

    • Anmol

      Salman the real superstar his records speaks

  • kiran

    Aamir is the crowd puller. Everybody will watch his dhoom 3

  • asim

    salman khan is the best

  • asim

    sk best

  • Vishal

    Shah Rukh Khan.>>>>>>>>>>>Salman Khan>>>Hritik/Amir…SRK is the face of India.

  • Anu

    Who else. none other than…..KING of Bollywood – S R K

  • Srk the king

    Srk is the best actor of bollywood

  • sandeep

    aamir bhai hai biggest cropwd puller baki sab bekar

  • Ajaz


  • nancy

    srk…no doubt

  • KK

    Box office results say it ALL!

    Salman Khan!!!!

  • tsong

    salman is best and a real hero….

  • 94amin


  • pareenithi

    One and only Salman Khan .

  • EM

    I think it’s salman khan

  • KC

    Are you joking? King khan = SRK = Number 1 forever

  • zulqar rustamani

    shahrukh and shahid afridi are best and popular

  • gul

    salman khan is king of superstars best luck

  • sona

    everyone know salman khan is big superstar all world love him

  • Kunal Sahoo


  • KJ Khan

    aamir khan

  • joshil chaudhary

    Akshay Kumar (Khiladi bhaya) is the best and others are ………….

  • Claudia

    These are only four Indian guys I love ! Kisses from Romania.

  • firaq

    srk, the biggest superstar..

    • salman ashraf

      i dont thing so salman is the biggest star

  • lisa

    There is only one box office king an that is Shah Rukh Khan who not scared to release his films with other films he’s proved that when he release films against the likes of salman khan ,akshay kumar , ajay degan his films always do much better business than there’s

    • salman ashraf

      then ammir khan releas his filma against shahrukh khan his film always do much better business

    • Anil


    • Srk the king

      Srk is the true box office reigner.though it is bad time for him,he can’t give a bb last 4 films in india bt those 4 films are worldwide blockbuster.though he is in struggle period,he delivered solid hit,if his time will good,he surely delivers atbb movies,best of luck SRK,we love of luck for CE

  • KJ Khan

    aamir khan,.

  • shyam meghwal


  • rohit

    only and only HRITIK ROSHAN

    • ali

      all khan

  • ratan


  • sunny shah

    salman khan is no.1 superstar man.

    baaki sab bekaar

  • sunny shah

    salman khan

  • shilpan

    salman khan

  • jagrut rana

    salman khan

  • moha

    Salman Khan

  • babar akash

    only king khan shahrukh king ov da world who salman amir kudoo king khan wantend face of da world samje

  • abhinav

    widout thinking a minute i say shahrukh khan………….he iz best n greatest of all tym

  • Imtaj Ali

    Salman all way always best

  • alexandra

    cel mai frumuos este shahrukh khan si saman khan

  • gurmit mehra

    srk ke ka net colection dekha us se to acha colection kal ke ranbir ka hai one in only salman khan is original king of king chahe google search pe ho.

  • Kanwal

    I h attended SAlmankhan and shahrukh khan concerts there were huge amount of crowd for shahrukh than for SAlmankhan as they both h big names and r superstar of their country

  • abhishek jaiswal

    srk is looking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no one is as good as srk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mirza amaan ali

    salman bhai is always best

  • Subramanya G

    shahrukh is the biggest star India has ever produced…some salman fans say king of box office is salman…but that’s also shattered by SRK…that too only by one movie CE…salman made that from almost 4 years…but only in one year 2013 SRK has broken all his records worldwide…now anybody can say that who is king of bollywood and box office…its always SRK…now records speak…

  • mohammad adil ansari

    salman khan is a king of box-office

  • vishal

    salman khan is biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggest

  • vishal more

    salman khan is bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggest star

  • sunil

    Srk …king

  • Gamy bartwal

    Salman is the Bst Actr of Bollywood… He also Bst person lukn like as Being human…
    He’s Vry vry kindly persn.
    That ol point show SALMAN KHAN The Real King Of Bollywood

  • ahmad shahghasemi

    just shahrukh shahrukh shahrukh khan

  • Kp

    Shahrukh khan Is the biggest crowd puller… He is the best actor

  • mehmed

    kralyat na boolowood e srk nedey da sporite

  • amol

    salman khan sirf naam hi kafi hai….

  • imran khan

    all are the best and top 5 are
    1. Srk
    2. Salman khan
    3. Amir
    4 . Hritic
    5. akshay

  • imran khan

    all are the best
    1. Srk
    2. Salman khan
    3. Amir
    4 . Hritic
    5. akshay

  • Sadat

    SRK’s populrity is once again proved by CE in India and overseas. He is the real king (don).

  • Suresh

    Hi how ru

  • Su

    Hi shah

  • hameed

    Baadshah of Bollywood
    it was srk
    it is srk
    & it is going to be srk

    In Afghanistan almost 90% of people like srk, he is the real actor of Bollywood, his act touch the hearts.
    He is a worldwide actor.

  • shivam

    akshay kumar is the best

  • dziesevizo

    King khan is the best but seems hrithik has improved much in krissh3

  • Shri

    It is only shahrukh khan who is global icon from India and best actor more no of fan follower & one who respect women which he proves in Chennai express you can see deepika padukone name shows before srk because he committed in his every movie will come heroines Name come before his name …….. That’s why he is king

  • Ali



    only salman khan is king of bollywood.

  • Awais

    Salman khan is the real tiger of bollywood

  • Sharukh

    Yes there is only one king of gays srgay… But the king of bollywood it’s king khan salman khan…

  • srinath

    Aamir khan and Salman khan are top star.

    Hrithik roshan is a kid star.
    Shahrukh khan is a monkey,romantic,Fear star.