Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir together in a film?

Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir together in a film?

Can Karan Johar make the impossible possible and make modern history on the silver screen?

You’ve seen Aamir Khan and Salman Khan together in Andaaz Apna Apna. You’ve seen Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan together too in Karan Arjun. And Aamir and Shahrukh have appeared in Zoya Akhtar’s Luck By Chance, although in cameo roles and not together.

So it would be nothing short of a historic occasion on the silver screen if all three Khans were to appear in the same frame, without any real blood-letting, of course, in a film together! And director Karan Johar too thinks the same way.

Recently the director was asked if it would ever be possible to have the three stalwarts in a movie, sharing the story and a frame of six. Karan couldn’t handle the question with a straight face and broke into peals of laughter. The director said that if he were to make such a film, he would end up in a hospital for sure! He also said that there was no way an Amar Akbar Anthony-type of a film could be made with the three stars – each was too big in his own right – and that there was no one story possible to create for such a situation.

Well, we think this is just another tall tale that the director is making up, Karan Johar ishtyle. After all, he may be the only person, with his oh-so-slick diplomacy and ego-pampering skills who could possibly get the three stars to act in a film together, minus the cat-fights, bloodshed or toxic fallout! Or, if he is actually truly out of stories, we would ask you Bollywoodlifers to suggest a good strong plot to the hapless director so that he can go ahead and make cinematic history with Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir, the Khan triumverate!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pathan

    three musalmans are back

  • faheem

    shahrukh khan the living legend

  • faheem

    shahrukh khan cinema’s living legend

  • jessica

    Omg srk and salman r really hot and sexy. Admir is like totally ugly. Go SRK AND GO SALMAN. LUV U GUYS LOL. ADMIR KHAN UR 2 UGLY GO AND BUY URSELF A NEW FACE I REALLY MEAN IT.

    • Aman

      Teri khud ki face thik kar pehle

    • shaf

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      • anglea

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    • Angela

      That’s slightly mean!
      I love them all :)

  • neelum

    Go srk and salman luv u guys

  • nhung

    salman bhai living legend of bollywoos srk only the second we alway luv u salman bhai

  • Mia

    I vote for an Amar Akbar Anthony remake with the three Khans!


    Well AAMIR as Amar(Vinod khanna) the police inspector , Sharukh as Akbar (Rishi Kapoor) the lover boy kawaal , and our own SALMAN BHAI as Anthony (Amitabh Bachhan) will be the best combo , Single screen OR multiplex all will be booked in advance for 1 month

  • Raj

    Aamir Khan is BEST

    • stephanie

      No he dosent u fool. Srk dose duuuuuhhhhh get da picture dork

  • shaf

    aamir khan is great among all

  • nawid

    aamir khan is finest actor in bollywood

  • moh

    i think aamir,s one of few actor in the world whom you could say he,s the greatest

  • Angela

    OMG what a great idea! They should totally remake that if only it was possible…

    • jessica

      Ur so rite angela. Lol u wanna be frns

  • jess

    Lol ur rite angela tat would be a great idea lol. They r all hot

  • Shelly

    That would be awesome to see King Khan, Dabang Khan and the other guy lol together

    SRK = Bollywood!

    • flax

      its not expendble, its immposible

  • chand

    realy evrybody want to see together the three best celebrtyy actor of bollywood it could b a great idea if ll b possible do karan u hav to do anything nd get 1000 crore

  • chand

    srk is the don in film sallu is the bodygourd of srk nd aamir is the police he ll try to get don but don ko pakadna…….. while bodygourd is with don this time it ll difficult for amir what u think about this idea guyse?

    • tariq


  • Zakir

    I say Ranbeer,Ranveer,ImraN

    • raj

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  • jenny

    Who ever thinks admir khan is hot r stupid fools. Who ever thinks SHAHRUKH KHAN IS HOT THEY R KOOL LOL. IM JUST SAYIN :-)

  • Nazir Hazari

    Srk will win in 3 khan Because Srk ‘s past best among 3 khans


    see stardom or anything is difficult to achieve and to comment on these gaint is not my cup of tea but personaly i feel shahrukh is not liked now and salam is still roars loud and i love it amir is belonging to a very different segment and i respect him a lot , further we say joh jeeta wahi sikandar.

  • shivam

    it is possible if they play role of close friends with having some unique quality of one another.

  • ashutosh harne

    it is superb 3 khans together awesome think the collec tion of film.

  • sophiya siddiqui


  • m4ck

    Hey dont use d brains all 3 khans r best bt in corner of triangle sharp corners. All of them. So chill 8-)

  • Jechu

    It will be nice if the 3 KHAN’S work together

  • tariq

    aamir and srk and even saif did cameo in pehla nasha together in same scene.(lead actor is deepak tijori)
    luck by chance hhaha

    • eat pray love Movies

      You’re right!

  • ranjna


  • Safi

    Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan appeared on screen at the same time in the film Pehla Nasha, along with Saif Ali Khan and a couple others.