Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar: Who will play a stylish baddie in Dhoom 4?

Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar: Who will play a stylish baddie in Dhoom 4?

As Aamir Khan gears up to bring to life a never-seen-before kind of villain in Dhoom 3, we hear that Salman Khan could be roped in to portray the dangerously desirable bad man in the film’s next edition…whenever it happens. Who do you think should be next in the ‘negative’ stakes?

The Dhoom films have catapulted the bad guy’s career to a level that no hero role could do. Remember what it did for John Abraham (Dhoom) and Hrithik Roshan (Dhoom 2)? Miles away from the regular caricatureish, flat-out baddies, Dhoom villains are suave, sophisticated and irresistibly sexy. They do their job with clinical precision and almost always outwit the good guys.

This year, in the film’s third edition, Aamir Khan will be seen playing the hep and happening dark character. While we are waiting to see Mr Perfectionist donning the mantle of a cooler than cool baddie, we are equally exited to predict who else in star studded B-town – from Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan and from Ranbir Kapoor to Akshay Kumar- has it in him to portray a really hot bad man in the movie’s sequels ( Shall we say Dhoom 4, Dhoom 5 and so on), if they are made. You tell us!


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  • gul

    salman khan is stylish baddie

  • kojak

    salman: he is also in real life a gangster

    • SBK


  • kumar

    only aklshay

  • Rehan

    Akshay Kumar only !!!

  • gayani

    it will be a treat to watch Akki in dhoom 4. he will be super sleek fast and fit. producers, please take note :) he was superb in aflatoon khiladi 420 and ajnabee

    • SBK


  • maddy

    Only akki…..hez the most natural n versatile actor…..n can give 100 percent of all the acting in the world, if there is proper story, n also all his contemp…..r gettin.. old but he is gettin fitter n younger each day….he has much more acting to show in the coming years….mark my words…its his time….khiladi king kumar…..versatile, smart,….king of bollywood…a legend….

  • rhea

    Salman Bhai!

  • Divesh

    Only Akshay can play any kind of role in current slot………dont forget ajnabee, khiladi 420……dangerous villain…n he is best in stunts

  • Pooja

    Ofcourse its young , fresh, hot, handsome, good looking , popular Ranbir kapoor.

    If Ranbir does this movie it will easily cross 200 crs

    RANBIR ROCKS <3 <3 <3

  • hadia

    only salman khan intresting and handsome boy

  • jahida

    the one and only salman khan if salman khan come in this film i sure this film become successful because now all world know him intilligent and see intrestin his all films

  • khatira

    salman khan

  • khatira

    salman khan

  • Naseem DON

    Shahrukh khan .he is perfect for dhoom 4. Because he is good in negetive rol. Like DON,Darr

  • adi

    it takes some doing in playing negative roles. it needs acting which salman can never do and learn. . nd if akshay does then it wil turn out to b another joker or blue type of disaster. shahrukh is the best option he did negative roles brilliantly in baazigar, darr, anjaam, don, don2. if not shahrukh then ranveer singh may be. no other actor from the list would do justice.

    • Hhh

      there is no dhoom 4 aamir khan is the last villain and there can’t be any bigger villain than him.

    • sandeep

      Srk sirf romantic kar sakta h _ bakwas like billu

  • SBK


  • sunny shah

    salman khan a big hearted man and fantastic actor

  • sunny shah

    salman khan big hearted actor

  • Mohammed Haseeb Ahmed

    Equating the realitively low key performers like Ranveer singh and Ranbir Kapoor with the Khans is a bit outstretch and outright dusrespectful..for me,Shahrukh Khan shud play the baddie…he will kick some serious ass…just like being suave in D2

  • aabid hasan

    one men of Tiger
    salman khan is best D4

  • Arpit kundu

    I thnk akki n sallu shud do a deadlist action muvie dat nun other actors cud!

  • faheem

    akshay and shahrukh two living legends

  • Ghulam Murtaza

    Shahrukh Khan Is a Best Actor Of the Bollywood

    a stylish baddie in Dhoom sequels for Bollywood King Shah rukh Khan

    Don Ke Bina Bollywood aur Dhoom Aadohri Hai

  • Jyos

    Khiladi ayega….toh Dhoom mochega…. AKSHAY.

  • hasan jangra

    only akshay, khiladi 420, aflatoon, aawara pagal deewana, ajnabi, jaanwer, special 26, negetive role, the all movie superhit, jo stunt akshay kar sakta h wo koi nahi kar sakta, dam h boss akshay me

  • Vani

    Salman Khan will be the best for dhoom 4

  • nazz

    Salman Khan is perfect for this role

  • Sanketpatel

    Supper star. Akshay kumar

  • ufff

    srk will do it like his chennai express

    akshay or ranvir singh should b d choice

  • vishal gupta

    Akshay kumar
    coz in dhoom john has good height as. Abhishek
    In dhoom 2 hrithik has a good height as abhishek
    so i want akshay to play this role

  • please stop joking

    salman khan cant be a villiain dhoom is an actual action film not a bakwas mindless film with same crappy acting delivery akshay can cause of movies like once upon a time in mumbai 2 srk after his performance in the don films would work perfect with dhoom 4 can be don 3 and bachaan sir no to old ranveer singh yes for keeping true to a role and ranbir kapoor no he has no body

  • manoj

    Dhoom is just for salman khan he is stylish and action actor in Bollywood if srk be in Dhoom 4 then Dhoom series will not exist.

  • lakshay

    akshay kumar will be the best action actor in dhoom 4

  • Victor

    Dhoom is just for SRK he is stylish and action actor in Bollywood if Salman Khan be in Dhoom 4 then Dhoom series will not exist ….

  • kaiser

    I think for dhoom series srk is more perfect than any other actors in bollywood.because he performed so well in his don series and he can perform as a villain amazingly

  • awad alamoudi

    akki is the best for dhoom 4 he is best action and villain

  • kunjan

    akshay or salman are only deserve for DHOOM 4

  • venkatesh

    Akshay kumar is more stylish & action packer. Doom4 suit one and only akshay.

  • Harsh

    Only Akshay kumar is best for dhoom 4

  • vijay

    Action means in india Only Akshay Kumar
    and no one can do better than Akshay kumar in Dhoom 4 a
    Srkgay tho Aadha budda ho chuka hai

  • Раиса Вербовецкая

    Only Akshay Kumar! Athletic strong bold flexible, master of sports, stunt! SRK, Salman are not suitable for series Dhum, there needs a beautiful sporty tall man, as in the first 2 parts

  • Mac

    I Like Salman, Shahrukh but If we r deciding to be in D4 then akshay kumar is best for Dhoom4 as a villain look and excellent stunt man… hope D4 made 4 akshay

  • Michal Kumar

    ONLY akshay kumar!!!
    He’s the BEST actor for action DHOOM 4!!!

  • Smart Àkşhàý Kàşhýâp

    only akki sir hi best hai dhoom 4 ke liye…
    bcz wo real stunt man hai . baki actoro ki tarah fake stunts nhi karte… i love you akki sir…

  • Ibtu

    Akki bhai, is best suitable for dhoom 4, he can do real stunt and very stylish

  • Mohsin

    IS best

  • Bilal Khan

    I love akki hi really stunds every movies


    Only Akshay Kumar have such kind of persona who can take Doom series in another level with his death defining stunts n as a villain he is already proved himself in Ajnabee.

  • pramod Zmt

    Only Akshay kumar.

  • Omar Assil

    akchay kumar is the best

  • sonu gupta

    Dhoom3 tak sirf bike ka kamal tha abki bar akki ke sath real action in dhoom4 warna flop

  • Bharat shelar

    One N only akshay for Dhoom 4…
    Akki is the best for this movie…