Shahrukh Khan says sorry to angry journalists

Making funny and tongue-in-cheek remarks comes easy to the King Khan, but so does saying sorry

Recently, Shahrukh Khan reached hours later than the designated time at two events. He was late by three hours at Youtube- RA.One collaboration and two and a half hours delayed for a Nokia event. But this isn’t the first time it has happened. The Badshah of Bollywood is known to be late at events due to his hectic schedule. This time the pressmen did not take it kindly. At the event they questioned the superstar for his being late. When an irked journalist asked if he would ever come on time, SRK at first said, “No!” but quickly added, “Actually I would like to, but you know what happens…I am right now in the middle of a lot of work. So I slept at 11 in the morning and I need to sleep a couple of hours. So I really apologise…Mujhe maaf kardo (Please forgive me).” Now when a superstar like him says sorry, it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Quickly his plea was accepted and the journalists requested him to get his people to inform them of the delay. Once again the superstar bowed down graciously and said, “I am extremely sorry. I apologise for being late and next time I will make sure the information is passed on to everyone. I think it deserves an apology first. So I say sorry, and I’ll make sure the information is reached out to everyone next time.” And once again the media-savvy actor melted the angry journalists’ with his charm and words.

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