Shahrukh Khan sets Preity Zinta’s chat show on fire!

Shahrukh Khan sets Preity Zinta’s chat show on fire!

King Khan times his entry on PZ’s show with the RA.One promotions. Smart move?

With almost all the glitterati making their starry presence felt on Preity Zinta’s chat show, we were wondering why Shahrukh Khan had gone missing. After all, Preity made her debut with the King Khan over a decade ago and he has been her oldest Bollywood pals. Well, finally SRK has made it to the show, and the timing cannot be better.

With RA.One on the brink of release, SRK’s been on almost every television show to promote the super-hero flick. In keeping with his remarkable wit and outspoken attitude, the star was in his element and had an uninhibited chat with Preity. But he didn’t leave the chance to talk about his forthcoming film. He ended up divulging how his best buddies Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar had refused to direct his ambitious project. “I went to all the directors to make this film (RA.One) and even my own friends like Karan or Aditya. They all are lallu (idiots) I say. I wanted to make more than a romantic comedy,” Shahrukh said to his pretty friend. Now will this raise a few heckles? Let’s wait and watch!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ooops

    why does preity zinta look retarded?

    • Gaz

      I’m sick to death of ra-1′s promos/adverts. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that “over-advertising” can sometimes be a bad thing. I’ve now got to a stage where I dread the soundtrack on tv and the “western union” ads that go with it

      • Noorrahman

        ithink its a personal issue of shahrukh and karan cuz what karan says shahrukh dosen’t refuse.
        And i think its all what shahrukh wnats
        but karan will not conduct him to the hell
        and shahrukh do so.
        sharukh khan is one of my best friend, but he still dosent remind me weather he had a friend like me, any way i know all about shahrukh what he was and what he is and what he will be
        Allah almighty bless all of you.

    • KRish Tyagi

      You look retarded,not her

  • Naseera

    he want to say that his film R1 is very good .karan is lalu who refuse to do this film.

    • nikhil

      sayin ‘ullu’ was jus a friendly comment… not even a comment i guess, we too say a lot bout our friends affectionately or say in funny way. That was jus fun..

  • s.p

    I agree with srk karen is an idiot and a fogot just like him.

  • sharukkhan

    my name is gous i am the bigfan of you.

  • kiana

    I’m a big fan of shah rukh but I doubt Ra.1 DOES salman’s dream project.