Shahrukh Khan shares his birthday cake with Anushka Sharma!

Fri, November 2, 2012 8:30pm IST by
Posted Fri, November 2, 2012 8:30pm IST

Now that should have made the female co-lead of Jab Tak Hai Jaan smile with glee, right? Guess what…it didn’t!

Something about Anushka Sharma’s photos with her co-star of Jab Tak Hai Jaan set us thinking. Remember the faces she made at the movie’s event? And she’s made those awkward faces again while sharing the birthday boy…okay…man’s cake! What gives?

While at the event Anushka said, “Shahrukh smells the best!”, her expressions told a different story. And guess what, that ‘eeeww’ look appeared again and made us wonder what’s up here. Was something wrong with the taste of that gooey chocolate cake? Or was it the smell (again!)? Or didn’t she like the way Shahrukh shoved a piece into her mouth?

Whatever the reason, wethinks it’s high time the lady sits down and has a word about it with SRK. ‘Coz c’mon, it’s not fair to keep spoiling the Baadshah’s photos – at least not his birthday snapshots! – with those weird expressions, right?

So take a look at these pictures, BollywoodLifers, and tell us what you think is wrong with Anushka Sharma?

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  • kanak

    why did srk share his cake with anushka

  • Arika

    They both look cute together

  • Ilii

    Yeah right, you don’t know why she makes such expressions and before writing such articles, you should atleast get informed. They were promoting JTHJ on UTV Stars and Anushka made this *eeeek* weird expressions because there was also the interviewer there and SRK told a joke. Go and check the Video that UTV Stars posted on Youtube. So what??? Can’t they even promote JTHJ and celebrate SRK’s birthday anymore? What’s wring with it? Nothing is wrong with Anushka. She only share a good friendship with her favourite costar. But this seems to be proihibited for you… Oh and by the way, this was rcorded 2 days before his birthday…

    • Hannah Smith

      I agree with you my friend! this article is crap.. anti Anushka site more like it. Anushka is always in awe of shah rukh, it must have been an honour to cut his birthday cake together.. and stop spreading negativity about jab tak hai jaan or anushka or shah rukh!!! this film will be a record breaker despite your crazy illusive articles!!!!

  • zulqarnain the bard

    she is always beautiful,

  • Culshar

    That’s just a nervous expression, in my opinion – similar to the expression she gave at the film’s press conference. Both these actors are quite fond of each other, and are friends. It’s normal to feel or look nervous when the Press is taping your every move! I think these two share great chemistry and both have that `happy inner spark’ that makes watching them together infectious. Leave them alone, they’re kindred spirits!

  • Apurva

    U r big fool srk in this world.
    Salman is the best in front of u.
    U r idot no 1. 99% sure.

  • Linda

    Apurva u ar d biggest fool on earth salman khan is an impotent beast,Shahrukh is d god,don,lion,king,blockbuster khan,megasuper star of bollywood,so shut ur pit hole & stop being a demented hater cos SRK rocks weda u like it or not sorryyyyy hahahahhaah