Shahrukh Khan smitten by Gauri Khan on the cover of Hello! magazine

Shahrukh Khan smitten by Gauri Khan on the cover of Hello! magazine

The couple made an appearance in the April issue of an entertainment glossy, and SRK is totally charmed by his wife, even after 21 years of marriage

B-town’s happening couple, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan posed for the cover of Hello!, and looks like King Khan is craving for his wife’s attention. While Gauri has ensconced herself in the couch like a diva, SRK seems absolutely  mesmerised by her.When it comes to style, Mrs Khan steps into the shoes of a fashionista in that pretty white lace dress and those shiny ankle-strap heels. The curls are in place and the French manicure is spot-on, especially with the monochrome outfit. While Gauri is so prim-and-proper, as if she has taken care of every aspect of her ensemble, it looks like Shahrukh has walked straight out of a film set. He looks like an item boy in those shimmering pants and intricately embroidered shirt. And of course Mr Khan couldn’t resist showing off his cleavage.

The couple is pretty much at ease despite the many rumours floating about Shahrukh Khan having an affair with Priyanka Chopra. And as The King says, ‘We share a strong relationship of reasonless smiles’, the super chemistry between him and Gauri justifies why they are still together – with two lovely kids and a bond that looks quite unbreakable.

Our only gripe – SRK could have gone classy instead of jhataak, no?

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  • anonym

    I wish the story were true. But this is just again a desperate attempt to cover up the affair. Too much SRK-Gauri love stories lately. That’s too obvious. Fake couple faking romance for chennai express. This picture is old. Good move from Srk’s PR.

    • louise

      Oh and btw, this is not srk’s PR, you fool, this is the APRIL 2013 issue of HELLO MAGAZINE, for which they have chosen SRK-Gauri’s old photoshoot pics and have interviewed them, you’re so delusional that you think a full new APRIL 2013 magazine cover is SRK’s PR, LMAO

  • NeverInMyCT

    This is Piggy Cheaps damage control!

  • karisnna

    very goegiyes coupal s.kand gauari

  • marina


  • Leili

    Bingo! good thing you know that’s an old photo( only one year old BTW means it’s actually of a time when these rumors were much more than now)..why on earth would a woman who’s betrayed by her hubby give such a nice interview to a magazine to promote his cheater husband’s film?! Normally this is not how affairs are done dear..cause it’s a little late for “damage control” after 2 years of affair rumor he could do this sooner don’t u think if it really was a damage control

  • lumy

    I’m sorry but the most beautiful couple is always srk and pc.
    srk’s eyes are full of love for pc.
    The rest is just the contract, TV, photoshop, etc.

  • menna

    this picture was in last december or in the beginning of this year, do you find big difference idiot, the rumours decrease with the time and now they finished, honestly they finished a long time ago, they even did not take time but PR like you are the ones who want them to live, where are such comments on facebook or youtube when topics about this great couple are posted, you know why as these rumours died before they began even. you are the PR not this couple one and whatever you write is nonsense, no one speaks about that now even srk haters comment more about gay rumours than these fake old sayings

  • menna

    and also it is new interview, not the first time old photos are used for magazines even for srk alone or salman or aamir old photos are used if we can call a picture some few months ago old one. we wait for the interview

  • karma

    i used to see this dirty anon who uses many names below alot on pinkvilla this cheap site which is managed by PR when I used to visit pinkvilla. and you call this PR , what are you then?
    many people not only srk fans stopped visiting pinkvilla because of your fake sentences, after all you are effective

  • Carol

    Poor story. I mean the louder the rumours the more “love storys” about SRK and Gauri are published. What a big lie!

  • priyanka

    oye shut up that single stupid morons shouting hopelessly here…srk-gauri are the best couple…srk is sexy and gauri my goshhh so young beautiful and sexiest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!