Shahrukh Khan takes a dig at Priyanka Chopra on Twitter!

Shahrukh Khan takes a dig at Priyanka Chopra on Twitter!

And it surely looks like no love is lost between the Don and his wild cat

We just love spotting ex-good friends taking digs at each other. And to our utter delight we spotted Shahrukh Khan slyly commenting on his once-upon-a-time friend Priyanka Chopra’s tweet! Curious to know what happened? Here’s what.

Piggy Chops, who loves to share the tiniest updates of her life with us on her microblogging site, tweeted, “Quick q n a.. Let’s go..”. Such a mundane tweet one would think, right? Not quite. At least not for the Baadshah of B-town who tweeted, “So many people send me so many notices. Isn’t this whole exercise losing its ‘Appeal’…pun intended.”

But he soon realised that it was very vague and none might notice the ‘link’. So he followed it up with: “quick questions…only funny answers…so please beware and don’t get offended. Ask me of my favourite colour and i will sue u !!” Ahem ahem. And that’s when our ‘dig-alert’ started ringing.

C’mon SRK, now what’s wrong with giving funny answers to quick questions, eh? And if Pee Cee likes sharing the li’l details with her fans, what’s the harm? Are you, by any chance, feeling possessive of your jungli billi accompanying the B-town hunk, Hrithik Roshan (Krrish 3), in his world-saving endeavours? We seriously can’t help wondering about it!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • macho

    Why write such lame articles? He was responding to the notice send by Children Comission over Wankhede Brwal. Please read and then write!!

  • madds

    who ever the writer of this article has no life
    you are such a sick


  • esraa

    yes he was referring to the notice he received by children commission,he even makes fun at his problems with us,good man,if you are ignorant then put shoes in your mouth and stop speaking and he speaks to his fans,to us,what is the link of haters with that

  • Pedro

    Slow news day to pick on the usual suspects SKR & PeeCee

  • Tina

    what nonsense article!!

  • Mik

    Donnow who such Mentally retarded fools r writting such idiotic craps here.

  • esraa

    Yes ,he was referring to the notice he received by children commission,he even makes fun at his problems with his fans,good man,if you are ignorant then put some thing in your mouth and stop being talkative and this is some thing on his twitter to his fans,what is the link of haters with that

    • Cyndi from Florida

      That’s what I say too! Uff! stupid media!

  • marina

    boring,boring.i really hate madia,stop this ,no one believes these dirty rumours as shahrukh khan is a respectable person,only haters believe because they are unfair,their minds do not believe but their hands and tongues do

  • Raj

    I hate media,no one believes these rumours about SRK and pryanka,you liars

  • Cyndi from Florida

    You are such liars!! Stirring up trouble where none is needed. That tweet was about the stupid claims in court. Shame on you .. You are just grabbing at headlines and hurting people with gossip!

  • tavitiraju

    good by

  • M

    Your so dumb. The appeal comment is a pun he says. Appeal is a legal term. He is very clearly speaking if this new legal notice as he says notice and appeal and that legal crap is what has notices and appeals. It has nothing at all to do with Priyanka.

  • tasneem

    Seriously now??? go get an education! he was clearly referring to the notice he recieved from court…has absolutely NOTHING to do with priyanka

  • Paaz

    Oh God you are soooo stupid Latika Payak/Bollywoodlife!!!

    The notice/appeal he talked about is the one he received from children’s commission as an individual had complained to them about SRK in regards to what happened at Wakhende earlier this year! You just look stupid when you don’t know the facts and you create your own fantasy! Is that how journalism is done? I know you are a gossip web site, but really? Such total twisting of facts that it fires back at you??? Shame on you!

  • sheetalswaroop

    Plz , he was referring to the notice/appeale by the
    children’s commission not about priyanka give him a
    brake…. u pple na bas always ready to pounce on SRK
    and u no wat u really look stupid u gossip web site Irma
    bhi mat karo really sharm anichaiye aplogo ko

  • Nupa

    This media is just RIDICULOUS! You guys are there only to ruin the peace of their lives. Shame on you! SRK is a respectable person in your country n u guys always keep spreading rumors….just a get a life!!!!!!

  • shahjahan

    Hi my dear friend
    Good morning

  • DJ

    So stupid of bollywoodlife to think like this……
    Such a lame and useless article

  • aziza

    This is exactly the reason why he stops tweeting sometimes. Blithering blabbering bunch of morons speaking utter nonsense………..the height of idiocy!

    • Kerstin Strübing

      you´re right

  • Kerstin Strübing

    Insinuations and slander!
    That is again the biggest crap is written here ….. lowest intellectual level! Moreover you suffer from a lack of courtesy! You probably have nothing important to write!?
    And something you want to subscribe? These people would then, theoretically come down to their level! But from these people it will probably be enough for the whole world!

  • kingsley analikwu

    I think am obsessed with priyanka, hope i got the spelling right.. She is beautiful and i would love to have a day or two with her…love too.

  • Neeraj mishra

    i have no coments