Shahrukh Khan takes over Salman’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’?

Shahrukh Khan takes over Salman’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’?

As Salman Khan continues to refuse several lucrative projects, SRK seems to be taking on his rejected films, this time with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, we hear

Shahrukh Khan doesn’t seem to be in the mood to let go of any projects that could further strengthen his position in the industry. Just when we thought that he had recovered from the cricket and superhero setback, the actor surprises us by undertaking some new assignments. Well we aren’t just talking about any assignment; we are talking about films that have been turned down by none other than the RA.One actor’s arch-rival Salman Khan. The Dabangg actor was supposed to do the remake of Tamil film Kanchana but when his brother Sohail got a li’l more ambitious and started asking for the rights of the movie, he was instantly shown the exit door. Apparently, SRK is cashing in on this big time and has given his nod to this film, for now. Eons ago, Sanjay Leela Bhansali had approached Sallu bhai for his Bajirao Mastani which he was supposed to shoot with Salman and Aishwarya Rai, but couldn’t for obvious reasons. Now, we hear that the director has decided to revive the project and rope in SRK as the lead. And it looks like King Khan is giving this project a serious consideration. Well, hope you are listening Salman!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • orisroo

    Srif BAKWAS !!! As usual you guys are degrading SRK! It’s been cleared by SRK himself that He’s not doing Bajirao, even Sanjay Lela isn’t directing any film for him rather Sanjay will produce a film and will be directed by other director for SRK.
    And Sallu was discarded from Bajirao only for his Ill Temper and misbehavior with Sanjay which is his Characteristics.
    And Sallu is also doing 1 tha tiger which has been turned down by SRK, why you didn’t highlighted it?

    • Bollywood@kalakar

      Fake . Salman is on Top . Actual fact is that He will be occupaied for next 2 to 3 years for his next projects(ek tha tiger , No entry main entry ,Dabang 2 ,Sher khan 3D ,KIck,Subhas Ghai’s untitled movie,Partner2 ,so many countless,and Producers a& directers are known to this fact.Obvious choice is now Sarukh after salman since sarukh has very few movies in hand .And for your information – Yash chopra is not fool paying 33 crores to salman to sign this movie(Read Wikipedia).YRP could have paid 3 to 4 crores to sarukh to sign as he did before .Now Movie makers are diying to rope salman into their movies.But he can not sign all due to date overlapping .

      • vicky

        all these guy are welly known that srk is only one power who lives for longer and
        sallu aamir akki fans are fiew compare to srk fan.
        and these star cant comreally these sallu fan are true .according to them sallu is no1 and king khan is nothing then why u comparing each other…?
        this thing also similar to akki and aamir .there fans also comparing only with king khan.
        i really sorry to say thpete with king.they only know how to talk bad about king.

      • orisroo

        What’s FAKE? :O Didn’t you hear about the Fallout between Sallu and Sanjay with the comment about Gujarish last time?
        Anyway, I don’t think so he’s being paid Rs.33 Corer because Wikipedia is written by someone Like Us, not an official deceleration from YRF. And SRK charges 3/4 Corers?! This proves how much knowledge you posses. And SRK has very few movies in Hand? This proves how much Updated you are.
        I’m not denying the Fact that now-a-days, Sallu is having a Superb time and I also Like Him (Specially in Tere Naam,Wanted)and He’s also an iconic figure. But it also Fact that he isn’t as good in acting as his Figure. He’s getting Hits mainly from south masala action remakes which isn’t evolving him as an Actor even after 22 years.
        And who knows how long this good time will be with him? Remember, some years back, when everyone started roping on Akshay for his tremendous success in Comedies and He also had Big releases in hand. But what happened after few days?
        In this term, SRK is the most consistent actor (Amir does only 1 movie after 1-2 years) who’s last official flop was Paheli(in India and in Billu, He wasn’t the Lead). Beside, He’s also doing variety of characters with appreciation. And it also evident that, He’s the Largest Fan base from all over the World even bigger from Mr. Bacchan.
        So, don’t just act like a blind Fan, recognize the Facts, appreciate someone’s good (whoever is He/She) and criticize constructively.

        • Bollywood@kalakar

          Well said . I completly agree with you .As we all know Earlier days Sarukh khan was tied up with big banners like karan , yash , aditya where he got good movies and showcased his talent And gone are the days where salman was working for his friends , Relatives without thinking much about script. Now he is looking into scripts and rejecting if script is not good.Directers(exmp-Abhinav kashyap) are already declared in public that he is being the god of bollywood cinemas .
          Dont compare Salman with Akhsay .salman has huge fans which akki does not have . Salman has look, body which others dont have.More importantly , salman was not consistent giving hits in 90′s due to which his hugeee fans shared among others. Now when he started giving good performace , day by day his fans are increasing.As you said ,Even if he gives flop like (VEER film after blockbuster DABANG), he will never lose his fans.because 1 out of 10 is ok. He has unique on screen style which other can not even think of copying that’s why people love him Since from Maine pyar kiya .

          Now salman got the real taste of good movies. he is getting bigger and bigger day by day(No flops can stop him man)honestly saying our sarukh time is over(Accept it)which he failed to show(Poor acting) in RA.One(Very nice Film-Good script & good technology).

          Amir could have done the same like salman but he is a different character(Innovative guy).

          • orisroo

            Again, you showed your ignorance about film. Poor guy.
            It’s accepted all over, even by SRK’s Fan that Ra.1 had everything but not a Good script.Where every recognized reliable critics (not those who were intentionally spreading bad words about that movie like Raja Sen)pointed that SRK’s acting was Good but the film had a poor script, for the sake of debate, you’re pointing as Poor Acting!!!
            And Ra.1 wasn’t an Art film to show the best acting skill. Just give a look at the previous movie MNIK which wasn’t totally a mainstream Masala Bollywood film and SRK’s performance for which He got every critical acclaim. And you’re saying that He showcased his talent in Earlier days!?
            Abhinav kashyap might be said like that because he’s the director of Dabbang and of course he should praise his lead actor. But, He isn’t doing his next with his Bollywood God, right?
            And I don’t agree that Sallu is doing good movies. Ready was totally a CRAP, even Bodyguard was meaningless and boring till the last 15 minute’s twist. And He’s still doing his relative’s movies.Things are coming out well because of the Good time of Salman (believe or not) and the Latest trend of remaking South’s action masala. None of his Hits (Except Dabbang)has been critically acclaimed for good script or acting.I’m just telling that this Salman wave will continue till his Luck will be with him. Though he wont be damped and of course Hit will be come out but this trend of getting Hits only by action masala should be ended. Though you’re a Sallu fan, you’ve to accept that He hasn’t the capability of doing extraordinary characters like Amir, SRK, Hrithik that’s why he only has to do the same types of movies.
            And yes, Sallu has a huge Fan base now and increased than before, but it’s only India and some UAE portion based while SRK has Fan base not only from India but also all over the world.(If you read columns,articles and news regularly, you should have the information). Even, a survey showed that more people of the world knows SRK than Tom Cruse! Sallu is getting big success in recent times after early 90. So, if you compare the whole career of SRK and Salman with respect to success (by reconciling the value of money)you’d be seen that SRK is Far advanced than Sallu. And with respect to performance (acting)? Even no need to compare as Sallu even never got an Filmfare award for leading role (except Best Debut and Supporting role).
            So, if you take account these two parameters (Success+performance), SK will always be lagging FAR behind than SRK. This isn’t to degrade SK, rather it’s a FACT.

    • AR

      SRK might have rejected EK Tha Tiger because he doesn’t look like Tiger but a Monkey. That’s why the character of the film doesn’t suit him. According to Kabir Khan, the director of the film, Salman is the perfect cast for the role. So far, SRK has done four film which were turned down by Salman. They are Baazigar, Devdas, Chakde. Even OSO was first offered to Salman. Get your facts right.

      • rfg

        thats why now movie name has been
        changed to ek tha bunder..

        • manish

          hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee biggest fan of u..u always luking gud,….
          Salman Khan is one of the most natural actors of
          This generation. He definitely is the most charismatic star.
          He never gets his due. His fans know this and so do others.
          Anyone with half a brain cell would know that. Next time think before
          You write.
          srk looks likes animal complex
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN
          WE LOVE SALMAN

          • Mister

            You guys are all sick, mentally challenged. There is only one King, SRK and he rules. He is beyond any comparison. He is the true King. Sallu is an average actor.

          • vazz

            salman doggy sale ki bodyguard ko toh sirf 2 1/2 stars mile aur ko 4 stars

          • mahesh palla

            salman is no 1 star ……

          • AMAN

            GOOD ANS MANISH

      • NT

        Oh My God, I can’t believe the ignorance of this guy called AR! How could he say that OSO was offered to Salman when SRK is the producer of the film???Damn, India is really incredible! It gives birth to genius like SRK and at the same time dumb like this guy! Get your facts, SRK is a international icon with a fan base more than any hollywood or bollywood actor with a net worth more half a billion dollars! (You may not know how much is a billion in IRS, please google it!)

        • krrish

          are nt..sab kuch paisa nhi hota hai…sharukh kya karta hai garibo ke liye salman k 50%per many being human k liye jata hai..aur rhi baat fans ki indian population 120 cr hai usme se 70% villege mai rehte hai..sabsme salman ka jalwa hai..samna na..aur rhi international ki baat o kya tuze ghar aake khana dete nhi hai samza na..

          • 11AM000

            SRK bhi charity karta hai par show off nhi karta salman jaise.
            Salman murderer hai…sale ne tunn ho ke kitne garibo pe gadi chadaiye hai voh to bta….ye karta hai salman garibo ke liye.

  • vijay

    salman is todays king of bollwood shahkuh now buddy

    • vicky

      really these sallu fan are true .according to them sallu is no1 and king khan is nothing then why u comparing each other…?
      this thing also similar to akki and aamir .there fans also comparing only with king khan.
      i really sorry to say that these guy are welly known that srk is only one power who lives for longer and
      sallu aamir akki fans are fiew compare to srk fan.
      and these star cant compete with king.they only know how to talk bad about king.

      • raj

        SRGay fans

  • Zkay

    King Khan will always be number 1. Where were Salman Khan and Aamir Khan in the 90′s while King Khan gave back to back hits. Look at Shah Rukh’s performance s in Devdas or kal ho naa ho, Swades. Can Salman Khan even try to perform in films like these? Look at the qualtiy of the films Salman does in comparison to SRk. Again, no comparison. Shah Rukh has worked with the biggest filmakers in India today Rakesh Roshan, Yash Chopra, Subhash Ghai, Karan Johar, Ashutosh Gowariker, Aditya Chopra and performed in evey single film.

  • rony

    both r amazing,sallu has tere naam,mpk,hahk,phir milenge,hssh,hddcs n srk has devdas,khn,kkhh,ddlj,mohabettien,i personally feel sallu is d best,his killin lukz makes a rage

  • Demonoid

    every1 now salman is randi…

    • AMAN


      • MITA

        not rock star only bad star

    • AMAN


    • krrish

      tera baap randibaaz hoga..isliye tere jaisa bhadwa paida kiya hai..

      • vika

        tera maa raandi hai use chudne ke baad tu paida hua

  • aishwarya

    i will love you my sajan salman so……………… much till death of my life


    sallu is a real hero, he proves own ability since 26 year in hindi cinema and now at the age of 45 year he is still a superstar of the box office .
    i love your films like MPK, HAHK, HSSH, SAJAN, BAGHI, PKTDK, JPKHH, TERE NAAM, HDDCS, BIWI NO. 1, PARTNER, JUDWAA, wanted, london dreams, dabangg, ready, bodyguard.
    Specially your last film BODYGUARD i loved so much , i saw it 6 times in theater.
    I cant wait to see EK THA TIGER . I think this gonna be salmans another best and all time blockbuster or may be it will break 3 IDIOTS record easily.

    • vikram

      if srk also do dubbing picture like bodyguard,wanted,ready as salman did.he will also became no 1.srk is creative and salman is copy of creative.srk is no 1 in bollywood

    • vikram

      in that wanted,bodyguard,ready is dubbing movies
      tere naam,HDDCS, BIWI NO. 1 MPK, HSSH, SAJAN, BAGHI, PKTDK, JPKHH, are all flop movies
      only dabanng,partner,hahk are only hit movies this salman carrier og 26 years

  • Ra.1

    May be once SRK was king due to some mistake made by bhai because he was not sincere and would have given priority to work with the closest personnel despite being the poor script but now i am sorry to say that SRK lost his regime to MR. SALLU BHAI. At present sallu bhai is the ruler and most powerful actor khan of our Tinsel Town, We know it U guys should know it.

    • vikram

      if srk also do dubbing picture like bodyguard,wanted,ready as salman did.he will also became no 1.srk is creative and salman is copy of creative.srk is no 1 in bollywood

      • khaled

        arre dhakkan srgay ne 37 copy kii hai..he is the best in unofficila remakes…srgay is sad & bad..salman is the best person…

  • Muhammad Faraz

    Don’t tension okey. You are know that Shahrukh khan always do different projects as well don’t worry if the last project of Ra 1 give mixed response from public review. You know Shahrukh khan is the big entertainer and a big actor in the Hindi film industry like Bollywood.
    INSHAHALLAH if ALLAH ALMIGHTY give the power to shahrukh khan then next no next time rocks shahrukh khan.
    Salman khan is a actor you salman work on remake movies and that it and hit.
    Then result is that you know shahrukh khan is great actor and king og bollywood.

  • jitu

    pls stop comparing sallu and king khan and aamir
    aacording to me
    1.ajay devgan(fit for any role) & shahrukh(popularity in oversease with home market with extra ordinary godgiven energy)
    2.hritik roshon(acting skill with smart dance step no other star have that)
    3.aamir khan(idea of choosing script although have normal acting skill)
    4.akshay kumar(timing of action and comedy)
    5.salman khan(welly know how to imitate the south stars)

  • mita

    salman is no 1 star ..just follow his bluck buster film-
    1.biwi hoto aisi (award-national awards for male debut)
    2.ek ladka ek ladki
    3.phir milenge
    4.main aur mrs khaana dreams
    7.chal mere bhai
    8.hello brother
    10.dulhan hum le jayenge
    20.tumko na bhul payenge
    21.yeh hai jalwa
    23.shadi karke pas gaya yaar
    25.kyun ki
    27.god tusi great ho
    28.sallam eshq
    32.dilne jise apna kaha
    34.kahin pyaar na ho jaye
    35.chand ka tukda
    36.sangdil sanam
    37.pathhar ke phool
    atlast he is realy super star haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………..

    • orisroo

      Really, He’s awesome with 37 Known-Unknown FLOP movies… lolzzzz…

    • Amish

      hey r u blind, u can`t see how many of these 37 r block bustter flop….

      • MITA

        all are biggest flop

    • pawan

      Ha! Ha!, good joke man, I am sure everyone gets it that with so many FLOP/.Disastrous movies in his career Salman, ought to have been out of the industry by now, but he got a second life in the 2009 onwards starting with Wanted, Dabanng …etc.
      Let’s see how long his next innings last, well if he comes down to giving crap movies like Ready & Bodyguard (yes I said crap event though they were hits only because of Salman’s new found “super star” status, which the media along with Salman and family & friends have conceptualized), he will go back into oblivion again, I never considered Salman to be a good actor he still isn’t, I guess he making the best of his new stylized presentations, lets see how long it lasts.

  • den

    srk fans are so brainwashed by their gay master that even a monkey has more brains than them

  • mayur pathak

    how many times srk will compare with thease worst actors of bollywood .
    1.salman means shame 2 bollywood .how can u show these films as indian films
    .in 2006 srk compared with big its ok
    in 2007 srk compared with akshy
    in 2008-09 srk compared with aamir
    in 2010-11 srk compared wit salman
    can you notice it that every year srk compared with all actors actor change in each year but srk is still on .thats why he is king and actors like salman aamir akshay are one day bloomers .in last 17 years srk only 1 flop paheli .he is god grossed upto 300 cr .and don 2 suerly cross 500 cr easily

    • vibhu

      500 crore halwa hai dhakkan. it is not even having big release as
      SRK is better but now he is going salman’s path of remaking south indian movies.


    1st Boy:
    Yaar main aisa kya karu k Teri Shaadi k baad me Teri Biwi ko Film Dikhane le jau aur Tujhe Bura b na lge.??

    2nd Boy:
    Meri Shadi Apni Behen se kra d

    salman khan said to sharukh khan

  • salman ka baap

    sallu is really a bad actor…. he really dnt knw hw 2 act… saala buddha ….. impotent

  • belieberforever!

    YEAH!!!!! SRK!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • dilwale555

    salman bhai can you tell me how can you let vijay galani cheat you for 15 crore bhai you are such a nice man and so influencial in bollywood,i am surprised at this producer vijay galani to cheat you like this.entire film industry should support salman bhai and boycott vijay galani completly from film industry.vijay galanni must be connected with under world otherwise salman bhai has to take him to court.bhai it is a shame being in film industry for this long.people do not respect you.

  • Ria

    Simple fact …SRK has grown and mature every day in last 20 years with the type of movies he is doing, while Salman still doing same stuff and becoming even more immature with movie and script.. One other fact….SRK has given hits for last 2 decades and he was compared with momentum actor (BIG B, Hrithik, Aaami, Akshay etc) …so for Salman vai… go enjoy your stardome for the time being. SRK has been the undisputed KING of Bollywood and he will reamin the till his LAST DAY!!!!!!

  • Ann

    Why ask for comments when you are not publishing the positive ones? Is this how your Business operates? If this is the way it operates, then your news items will not be taken seriously, people will boycott your website and your Business. This is my advice to you. I hope you accept it because it will benefit you!!!

  • Jargan

    SRK Monkeyman of bollywood…

    • aakash

      srk is money man

  • Ann


  • jordan

    tom cruise was in india and thats a real superstar.

  • jordan

    srk and salman should stop fighting with eachother and give up their pridr and learn from tom cruise



  • arpan

    if SRK Is the monkeyman then salman is the DONKEY man…………

  • kunchur umarfarooq

    srk is not a actor srk is bad actor shahrukh khan flop acter ……salman khna is god acter salman khna ki body achi hai sallu bahi is great acter

    • amy

      is srk a actor?it is a big question for film industry… looks no personality no acting…allah ki dua hai ki industry mein tikka hai…career ke starting mein toh sallu bhai ka hi toh support liya tha…..srk use to call sir jee to sallu bhai….srk apni aukaadh bhul gaya hai….award show mein hosting karta hai toh…koi family ke saath baith ke nahi dekh sakta hai.respect toh apne se young log ke liye toh hai hi nahi…..baadshah nahi begum hai woh industry ka……..kj’o ka partner hai…..ra.1 mein itna paisa daala lekin story mein thoda dimaag lagaya hota toh kuch toh movie achha hota… banana hai toh aamir bhai ya fhir sallu bhai se sikhe…………BEGUM OF BOLLYWOOD…….SRK.

  • geet

    shahrukh is the only india superstar who not compair with bigb,aamir akki,salman also compair with tom cruise,i think he is the real superstar.

    • suresh

      geet pls not mention these.nahin sallu ki fan ki pichhuada mein aag lagjayegi

    • jordan

      yes u r right
      yeah aamir sallu akki to india mein hi raaz karte hain but srk is global star. yeh sabko pata india srk has 50% fans and others(including all) have 50%.srk fans are loyal fans.they loves all but their only hero is king khan.their loves king khan is foreever.but other are changes.kabhi isko support karte hain to kabhie usko.

  • aakash

    srk is the best actor in this world !!!

    love u forever .

    ur one of the biggest FAN

  • Ayaz

    Srk don2 salman aamir ka move kala kardegi box office par.

  • ritu

    biggest hit of 2011——
    1 cr
    2.bodyguard-229 cr
    3.ready-179 cr
    4.shingham-140 cr
    5.zindegi na milega dobara-135 cr

  • asifkhan

    salman was bad actor in the world .my salman ki ek bhi film abhi tak theatre me nahi dekhi hai. srk was super ster in the bollywood