Shahrukh Khan talks about Shahrukh Khan

The story of the Badshaah of Bollywood will soon be available for anyone who wants to know more about him

It’s the ultimate starry ambition. The King Khan will release his autobiography, which he has called Twenty Years in a Decade, soon, he hopes. The book will talk about his experiences and innermost feelings, thoughts and dreams, along his 20-year journey (1991-2011) through the tempestuous waters of showbiz. As he says, it is “about positivity, hope and it is also funny, just like me”. One chapter talks of the actor’s late parents, to whom he dedicates all his films, as we all know. Writing shouldn’t be too hard a job for Shahrukh, as he recently managed to come up with the foreword for a new book on the world of Hindi cinema by a senior film journalist. It sounds, to us, just like the superstar does in real life – funny, candid, personal, passionate and extremely savvy. And we’re hoping the book will be like that too, to be edited by any one of the well-known journalists that SRK says will do the job, but hopefully without all the good stuff taken out. Does this tell-all, personal record of a life, include some of the hows and whys of the SRK-Salman war, the SRK-Farah Khan battle or the SRK-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan freeze? We want to know!