Shahrukh Khan talks to his dogs when lonely

The RA.One actor confessed in a recent interview that there are times he feels extremely lonely and talking to his dog seems the only option

There are certain things King Khan doesn’t feel comfortable sharing, even with the handful of close friends he has. Excluding Farah Khan from the list; SRK claims that Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar, Juhi Chawla, Priyanka Chopra are just a few people from B-town who he shares a good camaraderie with. SRK also said that he converses with his kids whenever he’s depressed – it’s a different thing that his kids have a tough time deciphering their father’s gibberish and stare at him blankly. The superstar stated that he leads a very solitary life and that he’s paying a heavy price for stardom. Now it’s quite disheartening to see our Indian superhero in such a gloomy state, especially when we are almost convinced that he can do anything, right from running horizontally on a local train to jump around without harnesses. SRK has mentioned before in a chat show that despite having good friends, he can’t talk to them about everything under the sun. Now that King Khan has decided that talking with dogs is a better option than talking to humans, who are we to judge? We just hope the actor finds the answer to all his problems when his ‘new friends’ bark in return….


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