Shahrukh Khan: The ‘funambulist’ in top form with his speech at Yale

Shahrukh Khan: The ‘funambulist’ in top form with his speech at Yale

The King Khan was at his best as he entertained the students at the Yale University with his entertaining speech. Cineswami picks out some gems

Despite being detained again by insensitive American immigration authorities, the Badshah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan was in effervescent spirits as he delivered his speech to students of Yale University. The Schubert Theatre was packed to capacity and many fans that came from across the length and breadth of America had to be turned away as the venue has strict fire safety regulations. Cineswami of course had a ringside seat to record some SRK nuggets just for you me lovelies.

“I have memories of being in Yale five years ago. It was December and so damn cold that while professing love to my leading lady and singing a Bollywood ditty, which went something like this – Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna- my mouth froze itself to death. I say death because as I inched closer to kiss her, mouthing the words Kabhi Alvida Na… my mouth and jaw just got locked.”

“I was told not to dwell too much on my movies when I speak to you, I am to give you an inspirational talk- tell you stuff you can think about when you leave this room. That worries me, it gives me performance anxiety. Here you are, 1500 of you, hoping to hear words of wisdom from this sexy, desirable man, who couldn’t kiss a girl, last time he was in Yale because it was too cold. But I’m not that guy, I mean, I’m sexy and desirable for sure but I’m not about to leave you anymore inspired than when you walked in here.”

“The day I felt my first success seemed fleeting, hour-long, not long enough perhaps. I wondered where it went. Even the cycle of time confounds me. I work the dark until sunrise on most days and fall asleep as the world awakens to light. My friends call me an owl, I like to think of myself as a bat…Batman…the prince of darkness.”

“Age is not my forte either, I still cannot fix my own – am I 45 or 15? If I could, would I be romancing girls one third my age, who normally would call me ‘uncle’.”

“I had so much fun collecting the action figures of my last film (called RA.One) that none of the critical reviews tanking it mattered to me.”

“Many a nights, I have gone back home after receiving an award – pumped up and all happy – just to read that what I really deserved was the Golden Banana for Worst Actor Of The Year. I become heartbroken, angry and completely convinced that bananas and critics, both should have their skins peeled and fed to the monkeys.”

“When faced with dissent, I start losing my love affair with my audience. It becomes a tight balance act, to keep doing what I do best and not be bothered by the reactions of people I do it for, in the first place.”

“I dance harder and cartwheel longer and pirouette on my rope – stretched, taut, beneath my feet. And I try not to slip, I can slide but never fall off. All this while, I have a smile on my face and signing autographs. All I am is a funambulist trying to balance my action and exterior reaction to my naked show of who I am inside.”

“The other day my son and I stumbled upon the Kamasutra on the net and I can tell you that experience was not very happy. He’s 14 and he knew more about it than I did.”


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  • mariana

    This man is fantastic,really humble, really clear.How can a star at his position speak in such a humble way about himself.I love you shahrukhkhan but I am happy that I am not Indian as some Indian people comment badly about you,I really do not know the reason for that.Shahrukhkhan,every country around the world admires you,you are the lighting spot in this dark world.Real struggling man

    • Mik

      Agree with that mariana…but the thing is some of the haters r soooo jealous of SRKs success who has become such a huge star worldwide….they r trying to pull him down by saying nasty things about him….but that doesnt matter King khan is still standing tall with his fans worldwide…the thing is he dont even need fans in india because he is a worldwide star….

  • Alpha Amadou Jallow

    i enjoy reading your elements coz you fantastic and everything with and about you is perfect. SRK you da best.
    its confuse me that there are other people who hate you.
    well after all you are the King.

  • saumitra

    some supid’s actor fans feel jealous and they always commenting bad.
    King you are my ideal.

  • kazi newaz

    Indian are well known outside of India just only for SHAHRUKH KHAN…….

  • ishaan

    u are amazing srk u always inspire me just keep on giving these lovely speechs

  • aamir ali

    I love srk’ india’s king srk