Shahrukh Khan: The man of the moment!

With Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express all set to release, the Baadshah of Bollywood is reinforcing his mighty presence in the media. We spotted Shahrukh ‘the omnipresent’ Khan on the covers of three glossies. Radiating his trademark charm, SRK looks dapper and suave. Tell us, which one should be the pick of the month?

Shahrukh Khan is always in the news. The 48-year-old actor may not be doing many films at the moment, but he’s always in the media glare for numerous reasons, good or otherwise. And now, with his new movie Chennai Express making a tremendous buzz, Shahrukh is seen everywhere, from reality shows and daily soaps to hoardings on highways and on the covers of leading magazines.

On the August cover of Filmfare, the Khan looks striking as he takes a refreshing dive into the swimming pool at his palatial house Mannat in Bandra. Ace photographer Jatin Kampani has captured the superstar with his magical lens. SRK uses his dark brown eyes to best effect, his piercing gaze directed straight into the camera. “Shahrukh Khan – tells it like it is..on fatherhood, media bashing and the price of fame..” roars the headline.

Interestingly, SRK is also on the cover of Hindi Filmfare, but in a different look. Flashing his famous lop-sided smile, the Khan dude looks cool in stone-washed jeans and an aqua blue T-shirt with an olive jacket thrown over. He looks playful, calm and in his element.

And then we have the sexy new dad on the cover of People magazine. Shot on the sprawling open terrace of his Bandra house, this image is by Daboo Ratnani. Shahrukh looks much younger in this one. The light blue jacket and the funky tee he is wearing beneath it make the megastar look chic, classic and absolutely relaxed. The backdrop of the expansive Arabian sea has a calming effect. What is exciting though is the in-your-face cover line that reads: ‘SRK on his new baby AbRam’. The mag also promises to give readers a scoop on SRK’s true feelings on hugging friend-turned-foe Salman Khan at a recent iftar party. Now isn’t that juicy fodder for a true SRK fan?

Take a look at these three covers that have captured Shahrukh in three different moods, and tell us which one encapsulates the changing public persona of the man of the moment!

Photo credit: Filmfare, People magazine